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It’s painful.

Have you ever tried discussing on whatsapp? Brainstorming? Or simply sharing your thoughts with your friends/colleagues?

Well, we do lots of that particularly for business and for our volunteer work elsewhere. We choose whatsapp because that’s the medium we are already communicating in anyway. Pretty inconvenient to create another group for discussion on facebook, or twitter or forum etc.


I mean.. Imagine talking to your friends on whatsapp and you get into a nice discussion and suddenly one person say “hey guys, this is a good discussion. Let’s take this discussion of FB instead!!”

errr… It would not work in most cases.


But here comes the pain:

Imagine you are having a nice discussion, and one of your friends (w ho were not following the discussion) came in and..

“hey guys I just saw 50 over messages! What are you guys discussing about? Mind sharing a little?”

Or he jump in and raise something which has already been raised, debated and closed.. OR he starts another new topic/or a point which is totally irrelevant.. *smacks head*


I have experienced both the above. And I am sure many would have too. In one of my discussions on whatsapp, I even have to send the following ‘reminder’:


From the whatsapp pic above, there are three underlying pain points:

1) Points will be lost if people start talking about other things in the middle of or even after a discussion. Particularly because the thread will get too long and messy. 

2) To prevent messiness, others cannot talk about other things in the group. Which means, I have to give a ‘cut-off time’ after which people can start talking about other things. What if a good point comes after the ‘cut-off time’?

3) To sieve out key points, I got to scroll up slowly  ->  speed read through all the points  ->  MANUALLY copy EACH of the points and paste it somewhere else  ->  edit the points before sharing it with others the next day.



BUT I want to still discuss on whatsapp. It’s a really convenient platform. Only that I do NOT want the pain.


Hence, Qiscus was born. 🙂

Curious? Go to to find out more.


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