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It’s raining ash and lava in Jogjakarta #PrayForKelud

Deadly Indonesian Mount Kelud Erupts

This morning, Delta (one of qiscus co-founders) messaged everyone in qiscus about our Jogja team not able to come to work. 

It’s not a big deal not having anyone coming to work because we’re all always connected on qiscus but the situation in Jogja sounds really serious because everyone is recommended to stay at home.

Borobudur rained upon with dust 200 kilometres away from the volcano


The eruption happened last night (14/02/2014) in the wee hours and in the morning the ash reached to a thickness of 5 cm on roads in some places just 15km away from Mount Kelud.

Pray all goes well for our team and for everyone in Jogja

The 1,731-metre-high Mount Kelud has claimed more than 15,000 lives since the year 1500, including around 10,000 deaths in a massive 1568 eruption.

So it’s quite serious the situation in Jogja. It’s a good thing we built qiscus so work could still proceed as per usual.

Hopefully, things tide over smoothly and get back to normal soon. In the meantime, do take the necessary precautions if you’re in Jogja ya!


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