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Job hunting abroad : Aim before you shoot. What I learned from the 10x rule.


I recently moved back to Singapore and gave myself 6 weeks to find work. Prior to my journey back to Singapore. I started reading the 10x Rule by Grant Cardone and it changed the way I looked at achieving my goals.

Just for some context, I have lived in Singapore prior to this, but utilize very little of my existing network for sourcing job opportunities. Mainly because there were not any via my network. To minimize risk and achieve more results in less time I Implemented my plan by the 10x rule.

10x Rule: the amount of effort needed to guarantee success and ensure that you can continue operating at this massive level throughout your entire life.

Gah…. I applied for 100 jobs and nothing happen…

If you recently graduated from college and stopped at the first sign of someone saying “no” you have probably expressed your frustration similarly. I use to apply to anything that had the keyword combinations of Marketing, digital, biz dev, social media guru, blah blah. You see where I’m going with this description.

If you are doing this stop now.

Aim before you shoot.

Narrow down your search so that you can focus on the role you really want and feel it is a good fit. Too many people shotgun blast there resume and miss their target because they are wasting there time interviewing with companies that would never push them into the 2nd, 3rd, or final rounds of interviews because you didn’t screen the company. Remember, you are interviewing the company just as much as they interviewing you. So do you homework and research the company properly.

Pan for Gold

I had six weeks to rebuild and assemble a pipeline/ network that would work for me and shorten the interview time to offer cycle. For every application I took seriously. I probably applied to for 10 that were not strong contenders due to volume of applications and size of the company. Since this was the case I narrowed down the 20 strongest leads I wanted that fit my profile.

  • My Employer criteria
  • Small Company 1- 25 employees
  • Must be able to have a quota to obtain me a work pass/Employment Pass (Necessary being abroard)
  • Marketing/Biz Dev role. I had to understand and believe in the company and their products. Can I sale (insert product/service)?
  • The Company Culture fits well with my personality.
  • Meet my salary expectation. (side note:This critical because even if you are desperate, you will regret settling for less. Also, you may not be eligible for a Employment Pass/Work Visa if you agree to be paid less. Never go below your number in mind.
I pursued those job leads like a zombie when the lunch bell rang.

One thing that worked faster in my favor, but riskier was that I targeted small sme’s and start ups. The benefit of using a start up job board is Start ups are always looking for talent and are much more responsive than your typical recruiter from a larger organization. Continuing my thirst for blood/zombie approach I followed up with every employer and recruiter even if they didn’t respond to my resume or initial emails.

Attack on all fronts!

For example. If I could not reach one company on my key list of 20 jobs and get a response I would go to the source of the listing or job post. I remember one recent interview well.

The CEO was the individual responsible for listing the jobs, but I suspected/knew someone else was managing the applications. It was a strong hutch I ended up being right about. I took another angle and googled the CEO’s name found his contact info on a random blog post and wrote an email to him. One thing to note I learn from James Altucher is CEO’s are super busy so when you email them make sure it is worth there time. I made sure the email message was relevant and to the point. Not a week later I received a call from the head of the business unit asking for an interview. After the interview I ask him how he found my resume. LinkedIn? nope.. Job Board nope…His CEO passed him the email I personally wrote. The lesson of this very short story is attack on all fronts. There are no rules in reaching people when you want results, especially when the clock in ticking with 4 weeks left.

If you are curious I used linkedin and (Southeast Asia) for job hunting. Shout out to Ben Chew and team for creating a great product and resource.

Doubt will destroy you!

I will save “interviewing” for another post, but will make a quick note. Whether you are being screened on a phone call to basic email chatter between you and the company prior to the interview. Never doubt or down play your abilities during any part of the process. If you do they will smell doubt the all over you and notice something is off.

We all get nervous, scare, and of course doubt certain things. , but an introduction, interview, tryout, or audition is the moment to show and say:

“Put me in Coach!”

To be continued……

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By Jon Eilerman

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