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“Jon, what is your new years resolution? Give up more…….”


Question of  2014 for sure:

 “Jon, what is your new years resolution?”

“Give up more…….”  (I’ll elaborate.)

New year resolutions are great for temporary morale, but this year I am doing things differently. New year resolutions seem to be something people add on to their existing routine or responsibilities. To be honest I have so many exciting things going on in 2014 I can’t possibly manage more without lowering the quality of my existing goals.

Instead, I decided to let go of older baggage, and things that just slowed me down in 2013.  Whether is was toxic people in my life, inefficiency at work and other daily stresses that are completely avoidable (ex check my mobile/email every 5 mins)I want to give up old habits, responsibilites, to make room for the existing goals I already have. so for those of you still making resolutions I challenge you to try giving up something to make more room for you existing plans.

So what am I giving up:

I’m giving up push notifications on any work related app (desktop or mobile)

I’m giving up excuses that cause me to say “No”.  (Just answer people with “No”)

What are you giving up?

Happy New Year!

Jon & The qiscus Team!



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