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Killing work e-mail

Can better chat applications replace email internally for companies?

When was the last time you started a conversation, stopped it immediately, and then decided to get back to it 24hrs to 72hrs later. Email is slow and encourages people to get back to you later because the sense of urgency is gone the second you sent it.

That is the state of email currently.

The difference with our product is that we are trying to limit email usage as much as possible inside of internal teams because we think it is inefficient and stalls collaboration.

How we limit email usage in our company and avoid email thread nightmares.

We have a different spin on it with qiscus. Outside of the message application qiscus uses email as a notification to bring you into a conversation in real time. We call this the “all call’ feature.

imageBy typing @aminwi we can call Amin and notify him via email to join the discussion.

The “all call” feature works by adding an @ symbol to the users name and messaging the chat room. Once the message is sent an alert will be in your qiscus call message box and email.

imageExample of an “all call” email.

Everyone is trying to tame and organize the wild beasts in our inbox.

Past efforts like Sparrow and Mailbox apps are well know examples for simplifying your inbox and only displaying the relevant information to speed things up. I found it interesting that similar messaging among these companies (ours included) is focused on making communication simple, fast, relevant, and organized.

Mailbox’s motto : Put Email in its place

Sparrow’s: Get mail done

qiscus’: Messaging for getting work done.

Currently at qiscus, 80% of our communication, meetings, projects, and task live in the qiscus messaging platform. We are still reliant on email for external communication obviously, but leverage it differently as stated above. So I leave you with two questions.

How much of your work flow and communication happens over email?

What chat software does your team or company use to augment email?

By Jon Eilerman

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