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Kiwari X Telkom: Changing How Employees Connect and Communicate

Communication is a significant aspect of teamwork and healthy internal communication is critical for a good teamwork and  positive atmosphere in the workplace. In recent years the rise of internal communication apps has allowed companies to communicate directly with employees and monitor their level of engagement.

You might be familiar with Slack, LINE, WhatsApp, or Telegram. All these chat platforms are often used to communicate with employees to discuss work matters such as asking permission for a leave and much more. Using these platforms for internal communication might be efficient for some companies and startups. But as a business grows, more people come on board and the company structure can get more complicated, potentially making those existing services irrelevant for some big enterprises.

But having an internal communication platform is still crucial. Telkom as the biggest telco company in Indonesia, with more than 23,000 employees spread all over the nation,  has become aware of the urgency of having an internal communication platform. To effectively manage their employee engagement in real time, Telkom is now working with Qiscus to create their own collaborative communication platform, called Kiwari Messenger.

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Kiwari Messenger is a chat platform for a collaborative purpose, powered by Qiscus Chat Software Development Kit (SDK), it has many supportive features that match with Telkom necessities such as personal chat, group chat, and an official account that integrates with bot and Telkom T-money (Kipay) so that it can be used for several purposes such as paying bills, buying phone credits, or even ordering food through Telkom tenant partners. Not only that, Kiwari also has some additional features such as a typing indicator, timeline, and company newsletter, just like LINE and WhatsApp have.

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Fast and Easy Integration

Building high-quality products and services often requires a long process. So, why not make the process shorter and simpler? By teaming up with Qiscus, Telkom is able to save the time that  required in building a high-quality chat platform from scratch by themselves. Implementation and integration of Qiscus Chat SDK into Telkom system are as easy as flipping a burger. However, as you know, sometimes the burger can burn, so it’s easy but be careful! With this fast and time-saving process, both the client and Qiscus can  focused  more on other important tasks such as system support and maintenance.

Qiscus Chat SDK is as customizable as tailoring your own suit.In this case, Telkom is still allowed to use their own brand;personalise the design with their own identity, add their own features, and provide the ideal experience to the customers. With Qiscus Chat SDK, you have everything you need to power up your chat, and it’s now made simple.

Powerful Chat Engine Support Chat sdk

Qiscus Chat SDK is a perfect match for Telkom’s Kiwari because of the simple integration with the Telkom internal systems, especially Kipay payment system. The SDK also offers lots of features and ease in integrating the user to user chat feature into Kiwari Messenger. Besides the features already mentioned, Qiscus Chat SDK also offers some “basic features” for attaching data in Kiwari Messenger, these consist of:

  1. Share Picture from Camera
  2. Share Image from Gallery
  3. Share Files, (.jpg, .png, .pdf, .doc, and .xlx.)
  4. Share Voice Recording
  5. Share Contacts.
  6. Share Locations

By using Qiscus Chat SDK, Kiwari has the opportunity to change how employees connect and communicate. It facilitates the sharing of whatever they need to access  their job and it makes it even easier than before for employees to participate in important conversations for specific purposes such as reimbursement, leave permission, and many more. Kiwari is able to replace paper forms by collecting the data electronically, employees can send information back to their headquarters seamlessly.

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Kiwari is able to establish a dialogue between top management, middle management, operational level, and employees. No one needs to  run  around and yell from office to office, or send unnecessary emails. Accessing Kiwari has many benefits compared to traditional communication media such as email.

Not only that, colleagues also has the ability to acknowledge the great work of their peers in front of the company. In the past, the only review that employees received was the direct feedback from their manager. Now, there is an opportunity for team members to have a say on the skills, achievements, and expertise of co-workers.

As a founder of either a small startup or a multimillion-dollar company, there are many outside externalities that can deter focus. Business needs to be executed at a hastened pace. Instant communication with team members and stakeholders become pertinent to progress on a daily basis. Ideas seem to come and go, and the less time you have, the more difficult it becomes to capitalize off ideation. These are the moments where having the right tools at your fingertips becomes vital to your continued success. However, to do that, you must have a trusted partner who specializes in providing these engines. Qiscus can provide you with a capable team to tackle these obstacles. Feel free to contact us at or email [email protected] to get a free consultation for a start.


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