WebRTC Simplified: Everything You Need to Know About WebRTC System

So, what is WebRTC system? You know that it’s the acronym for Web Real Time Communication. But what exactly does it do? How can it affect your business? And what’s all the fuss about implementing it to your operational? Does it really have a potential profit value?

Crash-Course: History of Real-Time Communications

WebRTC has been getting lots of buzzes since its inception in late 2009. Initiated by the same tech team behind Chrome. Its birth was to bridge the functionality whole between the desktop and the web. While most of the discrepancies were already addressed by ongoing projects. There was yet a solution for real-time communications (RTC).

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It didn’t take long for other engineers from big players such as Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Skype, Ericsson and others.  To gauge the interest in building such a WebRTC platform. Basically, the plan from the very beginning was to build something open for the web or browser-based technology. Hence, the refined version of what the current digital world knows as WebRTC Technology.

Top 5 Things You Need To Know About WebRTC

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Technical history aside, the basics of WebRTC is actually simple and straightforward. Here are the 5 things you need to know:

1. Plugin free

Web Realtime Communication is a technology that offers real-time communication natively from a web browser. It is a media engine that has built-in three Javascript APIs that make it possible to share data & perform peer-to-peer communication. Without the need of installing any plugin. Its plugin-free nature is one of its most beneficial values compared to other installed versions of communication platforms.

2. WebRTC enables one-click access

Imagine running your business with literally a few clicks. This has been what most platforms promise to deliver. But to date, only this technology allows one-click access to video, voice or chat option directly from the website. Users have access to conferencing capabilities on any platform that supports a common browser. Without need of any plugins or installations.

3. It’s about secure voice and video

With WebRTC, the communication paths are encrypted. Thanks to its standard protocol, WebRTC starts with secure RTP for authentication and encryption for both voice and video. This is a secure and affordable solution for enterprises and small businesses in their daily business conduct.


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4. WebRTC is cost effective

WebRTC is an open source Application Programming Interface (API) that is resident in all available browsers and requires no license fee. You can talk to anyone on your LAN browser without the need for extra cost or set up.

5. WebRTC boosts flexibility for businesses

Designed for real-time communication ease, Web Realtime Communication practically provides the mean for users to work from home without adding the hassle of travel time to the office. Need to present a product or service consultation? That enables seamless presentation/consultation experience through onscreen visual and audio.

Explore WebRTC for your business

No business is spared from the advancement of technology and digital improvements. For your business to leap forward, you need to know what kind of technology you need to implement.

It could be Web Realtime Communication, especially when you’re talking streamlining your business for your customers. Or maybe it’s not. To find out, drop us a note at www.qiscus.com or e-mail [email protected] and let’s explore the endless possibilities of this technology.


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