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Life of Mi (nutes Taker)

It’s 10 AM in the morning. Our meeting had just started half an hour ago, and now We are at Our main agenda of the day. Our leader elegantly moderate the discussions and excite everyone to give their opinions. Mr. Steve is currently explaining his idea, a bit long winded, but It’s good! Mrs. Marissa the black hat person in the meeting is getting ready to scrutinize with valuable insight.

Where am I you asked?

No I’m not the leader. I’m also neither Mr. Steve nor Mrs. Marissa. I’m just another person quietly trying to capture all of the points mentioned.

I am the minutes taker.


Oh of course everyone understand How important a minutes taker in any meeting. Without me, no one will remember what has been mentioned in the meeting. Without me also, most people will forget to follow up the meeting with actions.

But sometimes I’m just wondering.

Is there a way for me to ensure the minutes quality while also having time to express my ideas?

anyone have any solution? 


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