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LinkedIn Is The New Window Shopping For Recruiters: Doing your best work when you think no one is looking.


Recently, I met up with a friend who is starting an agency to help professionals and companies to build their LinkedIn profiles and engage there followers, employees, and potential prospects.

I thought to myself. What a great idea. I remember (just very recently) how glued I was to LinkedIn and trying to work every connection I had and appeared relevant to, including the neglected segment of my network I had not spoken to in months or years.

Things I learn in that 42 min conversation

Always be up to date

We do not live in a time anymore where the idea of “catching up” with a old friend or colleague is really the deal. I think every contact I have caught up with involved a peak at there social networks. Which 20 years ago would be consider a background check. You want some context to the recent events in peoples lives. Why? Because you can. Some more than others depending on there sharing preferences online.

Doing your best work when you think no one is looking.

Out of the 225 million LinkedIn users, 80% are passive prospects (not looking for work). This is why building you own brand for yourself or your company is more important that ever. Whether you notice or not, people are looking. Recruiters, Employers, friends and future employees etc. We mentioned in our latest post about 3 Tips On How To Crush An Interview From a Start Up Companyon how having a LinkedIn profile played a major role our hiring process.

Story telling

This particular quote from Gary Vaynerchuk relates well with topic because being relevant on mainstream social networks (LinkedIn in this case) and using them correctly is crucial in marketing yourself or company to the right audience.

Jump to time 5:36

“What you think is socially acceptable or proper or the way that it should be, has absolutely nothing to do with the way you should be running your business. Just because you don’t think it great that people are in their phone 20 hours a day. Just because you go out with your boyfriend or spouse to a dinner and see couple over there. Look how sad that is….They are on the phone the whole time. Just because you believe that, and you are scared because your kids are watching YouTube 4.5 hours a day. Just because you don’t like that, doesn’t mean that is the way you’re suppose to market your business. Your suppose to flip it, understand that is the reality of the marketplace.
The quickest way to go out of business is being romantic about how you make your money.”

Source: Gary Vaynerchuk (video from ElevateNYC)

That being said about business. It is perfectly applicable to the individual as well. The traditional resume is dead. Your resume, profile or portfolio should be up to date just as much as your personal networks are, if not more. (twitter, facebook etc.)

Get on the Radar!

Sending out a PDF or resume and praying that is gets discovered through the hundreds of other submission and getting that perfect job is a pipe dream. You need to get in front of people. That is why keeping your profile on LinkedIn up to date and increasing exposure by writing, curating content, displaying a work portfolio is crucial. There are other platform to do this on as well. Think of yourself as a freelancer who does design or even copy writing. The first things they do is display their work on behance,, Odesk and so on.

imageFreelance portfolio example

This same mentality should be used on LinkedIn for professionals. If you are looking for work or thinking about making a job or career change down the line. The same goes for any other industry be it a sales guy, marketer, teacher, or engineer the same applies. The idea and goal I concluded can be summed up in this quote for being relevant professionally online:

“Always be in the present because the future is watching”

Jon Eilerman

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