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Listen, Listen, Listen


Problem solving at the speed of feedback

I get feedback all the time. Whether its product design tweaks, marketing assets, copy writing, relationship management (networking/sales) and so on.

All these things are great and highly valuable, but worth nothing if you are not listening.

“To be interesting, is to be interested”

I recently had coffee with a friend who is doing a startup for apartment and condo rental online. I was pitching to him and getting some educational and critical feedback. As I returned the favor by providing some feedback and experiences of my own with renting an apartment in Singapore. Overall he had a killer product and business so I didn’t add much. I ended up asking him:

How did you build such a great a product with almost every feature and tool I needed for sourcing and renting an apartment?


He listen to his users. Not only that, but once the foundation of the site and its core features were built. Every other product added on the site was hypothesized then validated. This is how they did it.

Sending out surveys to your user base.

For his business being in real estate and property rental there are 3 segments of users he generates feedback from.

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Home Owners
  • Renters

Each segment got their own survey with a series of questions asking:

What would make the site better? 

“Every product or feature we built after the main site was hypothesize and then validated by the user feedback from the survey.”

Super simple idea…right?

Its frustrating for start ups and even our own team to resist building features we want, but our user base may not even need.

This method saves a load of development resources and reduces the urge to pivot 9 times before breakfast. So I leave you with one question.

How does your team or start up use feedback and where does it come from?

email survey?

focus groups?

other companies?

Check out



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