Maximizing Conversion in Your Business through The Implementation of Live Chat (Part I)

In the past, we used to have sales people to advertise our products.Thanks to technology, we now have an internet connection that enables businesses to advertise their products digitally. Thus, the website is created and starts being an essential tool so that business owners will not lose out on great opportunities to market their business.

Now the question; is the website on it’s own enough?

Business owners then try to enhance their business performance by adding a live chat. It saves time and  potentially increases sales, but unfortunately it doesn’t work right away. We have to admit that live chat presence is an amazing tool to communicate with customers. however it works only if it is done right.

If you are part of a business, decide why you want to implement live chat: Is it to have more leads, more consumers or more customer support? Then, follow our guide below and you’re sure to get some great results.

Chat as A Conversion Optimizer

As we use the website as the first gate of our business, we expect the website to do a great thing. Nevertheless, statistical data shows that only 2% of the website’s visitors  convert their visits into sales.

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This is where a live chat starts to work. Live chat is there to be the fix. According to Forrester Research, 44% of online consumers think that getting their questions answered while they are completing an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer.

With live chat, businesses do not need to worry since the consumers would figure their own way out by  talking with the CS. Honestly, you can even have a poor website but still convert as long as you have live chat and use it the right way.

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Live chat is convenient since potential consumers can ask any questions and develop better understanding about the product. As you see in this figure above, live chat is preferred since it has a quick response time. It is efficient and enables the customer to multi-task. To sum up; implementing live chat could generate four to eight times leads more than if you do not implement it.

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However, adding live chat doesn’t simply work for just any website. In fact, when your website is already doing well, live chat could reduce the conversion instead. The logic is actually simple. When you visit a website that is already giving you an answer without you having to ask the CS, the presence of a proactive live chat is disturbing and therefore unnecessary. Oftentimes, a simple ‘add to cart’ button is more than enough rather than proactive live chat. This is usually found to be the case in an e-commerce website where purchasing things is super easy and the product description is clear enough.

How to Make Live Chat Works

1. Take A Data-Driven Approach

 Before you end up deciding whether you want to implement live chat or not, we have to admit that each site needs different implementation. Hence, capturing leads from the conversations is necessary and is the most practical way.

– Don’t implement chat when your website has a 5% or bigger conversion rate.

– Either way, if your website has a 2-5% conversion rate, look for some data.

– Use chat when your conversion rate is below 2%.

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We need to take a data-driven approach to our sites. Here is a list you can use to decide if you need it:

  1. Find out the list of the pages on your sites which attract a lot of prospective customers.
  2. For each page you’ve found, get the conversion rate and separate them into business hours and after hours sales.
  3. Find the average time to sign up or fill in an inquiry for each page.

Use Google Analytics, Kissmetrics or specialized apps such as Formisimo to get the information above.

2. Get to Know about Your Customer First

 So that we don’t waste our time, here is the list concerning your customer type:

Q: Which countries do your best customers come from? And which countries do the waster time-types come from?

A: Use Chartmogul to obtain this data.

Q: Which pages are both your best consumers and the time-wasters likely to visit?

A: Take a look at the leads gained via each platform and look at the page where the chat  begins.

Q: Which page on your site has login/support/area access where visitors can log in?

Reason for the question: You do not want to irritate your existing customers with your resources.






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