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Musicians in Singapore

How high can you fly?

Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the star

What does it mean to be a musician in Singapore? Are there venues to perform? How does a band practice or compose their original music?

Well this to some this might be a touchy or obsolete topic but for those who are keen to know here are some insights on how the local talents does them and how it all started for one particular genre.

The Lion City Hardcore scene.

How it all started

Long ago before your time, a local indie magazine Big”O” released a compilation called “Lion City Hardcore – Together at last” with the collaboration of Reconstrux records. 

This release was a huge influence to most present hardcore bands, to the extent that some of these bands went on to record their own albums. Before the release of this compilation, a lot of bands in Singapore were just mostly jamming and recording demos. 

During this period, these demos were largely unheard of and Stompin’ Ground was the only widely known pioneering hardcore band around. Performing with huge overseas named like Fugazi and Sick Of It All, at a later stage of their musical careers. Stompin Ground was once also under the Pony Canyon band roaster in Singapore. Only those who “knew” could get hold of them to perform live. Most of these kids normally jammed and recorded at TNT Studios which is the epitome of hardcore in Singapore and still is now.

The whole idea of this compilation was unite the Singapore local music scene. So the idea of recording the aforementioned release was well received by the hardcore community particularly the bands involved. The record was recorded in Lion City Studios in 1992 and was then released a few months later. Since than the scene has grown bigger with tons of other genres and bands making the headlines in local and overseas performances and articles.

Quirky Facts

Fact 1: Back during the golden era of the 90’s. To save the batteries in the walkman kids will be walking around “rewinding” their favorite band’s cassette with a pen. It was the bomb! 

Fact 2: Kids would be biting on the batteries to try to extend the life span of the batteries.

Fact 3: You can differentiate the between different genres by how the kids dress up.

So the Journey Continues…

The local music and entertainment scene now are bursting with vibrancy and colors, and it is always evolving to stay in sync with current trends of genres. This is mainly one of the reasons why Singapore is a center for music in the region. At the heart of it all is the promotion of a music culture, which has helped to develop a pool of talented music artistes. 

Last words…

We all should first and foremost support our local talents, doesn’t matter if it’s art or music.



Remy Decay~


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