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Not everyone is a boss

Express yourself better at work with emoticons!

Your team mates may not be always in front of you. They might be thousand of miles apart.  Other times, they might also be just right in front of you. Even then, words are not enough to express what you really feel about something.

With the new emoticons feature, now you can express your ideas and feelings better!!

How to toggle qiscus emoticons?

If you’re using from the web application or chrome app, simply type in “Shift + ;” or the colon sign and you’ll have an array of different emoticons to use. Typing different words will help you zoom to other hidden emoticons as well! 

If you’re using from the mobile applications, toggling the standard emoticon that’s available on your keyboard would also allow you to access the emoticons.

With the new emoticons, we do hope that your work discussion is more colourful, livelier and fun to be in. 

Go ahead now, you can  try qiscus here for free here! 
Do let us know how emoticons is making your life bettter. 


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