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Our Top 7 Swiss Army Knife Software picks.


At we’re all about the shortcut to the meat of a task. I wanted to take a step back from our main medium of communication and culture and talk about the teams favorite work tools a.k.a. our Swiss Army knife software picks besides of course.

Swiss Army Knife Software: A must have set of Software that is robust, versatile and couldn’t live without.


There are many clipping, cropping tools out there to comment on a mock up and speed up feedback, but I haven’t found anything as fast and powerful as Snag it. 50 bones for this software is high for some as many other competitors are free. The main two killer features for me is taking full screen shot with automatic scrolling.

Jon -Growth Hacker qiscus Cal

Coffee? Kopi? Lunch?

Amin Co-Founder qiscus


“I hate attachments”

Sami- qiscus UI/UX Designer


The same reason people love Facebook.
all my friends are there.

Sami- qiscus UI/UX Designer


Type and forget. Remember later.

Jon- Growth Hacker qiscus


“Drag and Design” Wire framing is stylish again.”

-Amin C0-Founder qiscus


“The internet….”

Jon Growth Hacker qiscus

qiscus – messaging to get work done

We’re bringing hack tips because we believe in supercharged productivity for teams. 


qiscus is not just a tool for communication but a medium that allows your team culture to thrive and develop better relationships. It’s designed for teams and companies, platform agnostic and it’s as easy to as chat but as powerful as a project management tool.

Supercharged your teams communication by giving qiscus a try



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