Layer’s Chat Service Shutdown: How to Migrate from Layer to Qiscus Chat SDK

Layer is one startup company that has inspired us to build amazing chat SDK. However, we see some problems (especially in its performance) in Layer’s products that we believe we have already fixed in Qiscus Chat SDK. We have migrated Layer’s customers who have experienced some problems related to Layer’s performance which affected their business …

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Donating with Convenience:’s Story in Using Qiscus Multichannel Customer Service Chat

“There are still a lot of good people in Indonesia.” That thought seems to be proven by Muhammad Alfatih Timur and Vikra Ijas, co-founders of, the first crowdfunding platform for social causes in Indonesia. Established since 2013, utilizes digital technology to systematically bridge good people, the community and organizations to be called #OrangBaik …

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