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#TechTalk: Growing Together to Fulfill Shortage of Talents in Indonesia

Indonesia is blessed with a demographic bonus, where those who are of a productive age outnumber children and the elderly. However, the reality is that high-talented human resource is still difficult to find. This is due to a gap in the education curriculum in Indonesia’s schools and the lack of opportunities in skills improvement. On …

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Integrating Kata.AI Bot into Qiscus SDK Chat App

Kata.AI is an Indonesian Artificial Intelligence (AI) service provider focusing on creating and integrating chatbot into available conversation service clients such as Messenger, Line, Telegram, Slack or even generic messaging service clients (those are called channels in Kata.AI). The good news is that if you are using Qiscus Chat SDK to build your chat application, …

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Basic “Attachment” Features in Qiscus Chat SDK

Qiscus Chat SDK Qiscus Chat SDK offers lots of features and easiness on integrating user to user in-app chat feature into your apps. You can just simply add Qiscus.buildChatWith(“”) and it will automatically display the whole chat UI and functionalities of chatting application inside your app. Also read: “Create a Simple Echo ChatBot Using Qiscus SDK“ …

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How to Engage Online Communities in Your Business

A community is an inseparable part of businesses. The community here refers to every single stakeholder, including customers, employees, and any person or organization who is relevant to your business.  Nurturing communities in business can be beneficial, be it online communities or offline. Social networking, especially, will be a prominent part of your business marketing …

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