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LinkedIn Is The New Window Shopping For Recruiters: Doing your best work when you think no one is looking.

Recently, I met up with a friend who is starting an agency to help professionals and companies to build their LinkedIn profiles and engage there followers, employees, and potential prospects. I thought to myself. What a great idea. I remember (just very recently) how glued I was to LinkedIn and trying to work every connection …

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Listen, Listen, Listen

Problem solving at the speed of feedback I get feedback all the time. Whether its product design tweaks, marketing assets, copy writing, relationship management (networking/sales) and so on. All these things are great and highly valuable, but worth nothing if you are not listening. “To be interesting, is to be interested” I recently had coffee …

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Killing work e-mail

Can better chat applications replace email internally for companies? When was the last time you started a conversation, stopped it immediately, and then decided to get back to it 24hrs to 72hrs later. Email is slow and encourages people to get back to you later because the sense of urgency is gone the second you …

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