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Killing work e-mail

Can better chat applications replace email internally for companies? When was the last time you started a conversation, stopped it immediately, and then decided to get back to it 24hrs to 72hrs later. Email is slow and encourages people to get back to you later because the sense of urgency is gone the second you …

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Qiscus Personal-Hacks

In this post I am going to introduce our programme that already ran for more than 2 months: Qiscus Personal-Hacks. Qiscus Jogja Team (all of our great Engineer and Developer are working here while our great Designer and Sales team working in Singapore) have a very interesting programme. We force suggest all of our team …

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Basic Setup Rails Server on EC2 Ubuntu 12.04 with Passenger, Unicorn and Nginx

Setup Rails Server on EC2 Setup Rails Server on EC2 install the package needed for installation $ sudo apt-get install build-essential git-core $ sudo apt-get install curl git nodejs $ curl -L | bash -s stable –ruby –autolibs=enable –auto-dotfiles add line source ~/.profile in ~/.bash_profile then start using rvm $ source /home/ubuntu/.rvm/scripts/rvm installing ruby …

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