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Why Discuss?

“A wrong decision after a discussion is better than a correct decision without discussion” (Imam AsSyafii – A very prominent Muslim scholar) There are three fundamental reasons why I think the above statement is very true and important to achieve great things: 1. To discuss is to think In discussion We are put in a …

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What’s the difference?

I have been asked many times. Many are curious on what’s the difference between qiscus and whatsapp, wechat, twitter, facebook, forums, emails, product management software and a whole list of never-ending applications that seem to be doing the same thing. This is great and I had fun sharing the answers. But I guess the time has …

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Pusher for Rails

Modern web apps require tremendous amount of data exchange between client-server side, it needs some architecture that can handle such thing. There are 3 methods that we already implemented to handle real-time sync between front end and back end. Javascript setIntervall poll We implemented this to create real-time effect, so basically all we need to …

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