How Qiscus Helps Talenta Enabling Conversations for Employees

These days many business enterprises try to transform their business digitally. Talenta, a cloud-based Software as a Service (Saas), offers a solution for managing human resources (HR) in small and medium businesses through an easy-to-use and personalized HR software. Through Talenta, the client can boost the efficiency, transparency, and sustainability of its HR division. HR …

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Smoothing The Transition Between Chatbot and Human Customer Service

Currently, chatbot is used predominantly for provision of customer service. Many businesses use chatbot to help the human agent with answering their customers’ inquiries. For instance, Veronika, a chatbot developed for Telkomsel that is integrated with LINE, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger to help engaging customers. Let’s look at an example in the food-service industry. Imagine …

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