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TechTalk#103: Things about Chat & AI that C-Levels Must Know

The world is changing. New technologies are being discovered all the time. Such as Artificial Intelligence (AI);which has become one of the foremost future investment opportunities, along with Internet of Things (IoT), Clouds, Security, and Blockchain. describes Artificial Intelligence as the simulation of human intelligence by machines. The concept was first raised in the …

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Qiscus X A Business-Consumer Interaction Revolution

Currently, there are many communication mediums to connect businesses and one of them is via messaging applications. The results of the Forrester Consulting, a market research company that provides advice on existing and potential impact of technology, also states that companies which implement chat in their business processes have the potential to achieve a return …

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Telkom Indonesia: How Qiscus Helps to Face The Digital Disruption

As you probably already know, across Southeast Asia (SEA), especially in Indonesia, digital disruption has affected many sectors, be it in property, banking, insurance, and even the automotive industry. The Indonesia government, according to  Jakarta Globe, has tried many ways to accommodate to this phenomenon, adjusting policies while at the same time maintaining people’s freedom …

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