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RTC: Facing Digital Disruption in Property Sector

Countries in Southeast Asia (SEA) Region, with the exception of Singapore, are often regarded as underdeveloped countries. Meaning that for the majority of the people who live in this region. They are in poverty, lagging behind in the agricultural sector, slow on industrialization, and face many other stereotypes that are imprinted upon them. These misconceptions and myths …

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Qiscus Chat and Call SDK: Enhancing the Healthcare Industry

Telemedicine and telehealth, both of them often used interchangeably. Have become fine examples of the application of technology in an otherwise traditional healthcare industry. As similar as they may seem to be, there is a clear distinction between both: telemedicine is only limited to clinical services, while telehealth is far wider, encompassing health services like …

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How Businesses Today are Implementing Chatbots to Elevate Their Services

Chatbots are an incredibly hot topic right now. The implementation of chatbots in several industries has become a new normal. The integration and amalgamation of messenger apps and bots allow businesses to utilize applications. Such as Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp, and in-app chat as tools for customer engagement. Chatbots as a Solution as Businesses Continue …

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