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Powerful Chat Engine That Changes How Employees Get Connected

Communication is a significant aspect of teamwork and healthy internal communication is critical for a good teamwork and  positive atmosphere in the workplace. In recent years, the rise of internal communication apps has allowed companies to communicate directly with employees and monitor their level of engagement. You might be familiar with Slack, LINE, WhatsApp, or …

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How to Create Customer Service Chat with Qiscus

On January the 2nd, 2018 we announced our new customers service solution package called Omnichannel Chat Solution. We personally called it Qismo. Qismo is an accelerator package as a solution for customers service. It is an integrated service which connects customers to merchants via currently available messaging services in the market such as FB messenger, Line, and …

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Why You Should Consider Utilizing Chat to Engage Millennials?

Millennials, or people in the 18 to 35 age range, are considered more complex and unconventional than the previous generations. Their sheer number compared to the other generations makes them influential in every sector, especially in Information Technology (IT) and mobile networking, where people can easily shift their interest to more convenient products. Reaching Millennials …

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