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4 Benefits of Live Video in Enhancing Customer Banking Experience

Smartphone and tablet user bases are increasing rapidly, and because of the millennial market development which sees mobile banking technology, as well as online services, becoming more accessible to users, consumers now can conduct their personal banking anytime and anywhere they wish. By using smartphones, it enables a new payment paradigm and also creates a …

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Create a Sophisticated Conversational Commerce using Qiscus Chat SDK

Conversational commerce is an important tool for retailers, especially for those who have a huge online presence as it is able to offer big opportunities to meet rising demands for better customer experiences and more personalization. Since customers are now savvier and influenced by infinite amounts of data, they are expected to be more selective …

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Create WhatsApp-Like WebApp Using Qiscus Web Chat SDK – Part 1

In this tutorial, we’ll try to create a WhatsApp-like web-app using Qiscus web chat SDK. We focus mainly on the user interface. More functionality will be discussed in another tutorial. Pre-requisite Before we can start working, we need to prepare necessary files for this tutorial. They are qiscus SDK javascript file and CSS file. We also need fontawesome …

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