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Phi Decks is now Qiscus!

To our fans and friends who have supported us,


We started off as Phi Decks in November 2011. We wanted to create a revolutionary product that would create the change that we want to see in the education system. 

We still do but no matter how hard we tried and pushed on, Phi Decks was just not good enough to carry that vision forward. 

In our journey with Phi Decks, we’ve met many amazing people, learnt important lessons and developed ourselves far beyond what we’ve imagined. 

We made it all the way to the end in Ideas Inc. We travelled to different countries pitching, learning and growing with Phi Decks.

Best of all, we made amazing friends in TechinAsia, SGentreprenuers, PlugandPlay Singapore, Flag-a-Hero,, Sustainable Living Labs 2 and a whole lot of others that would make this post too long too read.

One thing for sure, we will always treasure the memories we had with Phi Decks.

And so here we are, matured and pretty much older but most importantly battle-scarred and more experienced. We started on working on the most fundamental unit of entity that exist in all great achievements made by men.


Civilisations, technological advancements, philosophical maturity lies on the premise of men coming together to discuss thoughts and ideas. As the discussions grew, so did the things men were able to conceive and achieve.

With these in mind, we’ve decided to create a tool that will be able to facilitate discussions such that each and every discussion done on this tool will result in a great discussion. Great discussions will hopefully lead to even greater wonders.


And Qiscus was born.

So stick with us in Qiscus. In this story, we’ll delve deeper into understanding discussion philosophies and fundamentals in which lies the wondrous world of debates, persuasion and most importantly learning. We’ll also delve deeper into technical languages, such as natural language processing, machine learning, ruby and python programming.

Where Phi Decks has ceased to be able to support the next stage of development for us, Qiscus will boost us further and beyond into the exciting realm of the unknown.

Come. Join us and together we’ll explore universes within universes.


16/1/2013 – present


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