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Phil Libin is such an inspiration for me at qiscus.

Phil Libin is such an inspiration for me at qiscus.

I met Phi back in 2011 during my class in Founder Institute. I’m a big fan of him because, to me, he’s one of the most wisest mentor that I know.

He’s not a great seller (I didn’t use Evernote when he pitched to us back then, I only started using Evernote when Sami, our designer recommended Evernote). But there’s definitely a lot to learn from him if you are into creating a really useful and valuable product.

It’s quite funny how qiscus is in the same boat as Evernote when they started out. Or so, I’ld like to think.

We are in a market where it’s quite saturated with different products that offered similar value propositions. There’s Trello, Hipchat, Asana, Glip, Basecamp and many others. Even the big guys are in the same dips.Â

Investors in Singapore are not quite sure if we are building something that has a sufficiently big enough a market. And because there’s a lot of grants around, we don’t quite fit in the innovative technology product. It’s not like we’re building a really cool technology.

The good news is; We don’t care.

A long time back, we’ve decided to just focus on building a messaging system that we would love to use, ourselves. We stop bothering about the next coolest technology such as machine learning or real time translation. We stop bothering about making it a sales CRM or a mail plug in.

We don’t care.

What we care is to build a messaging system designed for work. We care about the many little things that would make a messaging system be useful for work.

We are so detailed about what we want that we would debate, discuss and argue for days just to design a brilliant way to notify our users when their messages comes in.

We care about how to attach your files on qiscus and make it easier for you to find it later on.

We care about the difference between the need to talk to someone now or just to inform them of what’s happening.

We really care about making communications more efficient because it’s an absolute need for us. You see, we have two teams working 1726km apart in tandem every single day. It’s quite impossible to have a cohesive team without qiscus.

And it’s a matter of time before most companies would have similar working arrangement as well. So, we believe that qiscus is gonna be something really big soon. =D



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