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Push and Pull : Push Bullet shoots other notification extensions in the face.

My mobile belongs in my pocket when I’m working, but it’s notifications should be wherever I am.  Push Bullet is the solution.

Push anything to your mobile and PC with Push Bullet: Send Ad Hoc Notifications to your phone via your browser.  You can also receive your phone notifications on your desktop browser.  

I simply love this app.


This is one of those apps that once you install and setup you’ll wonder why you didn’t know about it sooner.  I find this application so convenient as my mobile phone goes wherever I go (obviously).  Especially for when you need to send temporary notes to yourself.  Push Bullet will let you send links, files, list and addresses to your phone via the chrome extension and android app.


One of the coolest features are enabled by pairing your android device with your chrome browser(desktop) is Push Bullet’s Mirroring feature.  It will push Android notifications from your mobile to you desktop.  This is super nifty for qiscus as my mobile device will send me qiscus @all call notifications via the qiscus mobile app (example below).  

Example of our qiscus android app notifications being pushed to the desktop.


This is great as I am not always running qiscus when working and provides me with a quick glance at notifications.

Example of pushing a link to your device.


Check out Push Bullet and make your PC and Mobile a unified notification center.

If you are looking for something with similar functionality, but for SMS.  Check out MightyText.



If there are any other crazy android apps that you use for notifications drop them in the comments.

-Jon Eilerman


qiscus – messaging to get work done

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qiscus is not just a tool for communication but a medium that allows your team culture to thrive and develop better relationships. It’s designed for teams and companies, platform agnostic and it’s as easy to as chat but as powerful as a project collaboration tool.

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