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Put On Your Evil Genius Hat. 3 Apps To Automate Your Workflow


As a growth hacker I am not only looking for more ways to grow the user base and increase quality of traffic at qiscus. I am also looking to automate as many processes as possible to free up my time to do more.

I have listed the 3 apps I am currently playing around with to do just that.

1. MailChimp 

MailChimp to RSS

This first pick is a MailChimp feature that will email your subscribers the latest RSS updates into a a custom template displaying your newest updates and blog posts. This is especially awesome if you run a blog that does not have the functionality(Tumblr) to send email updates to its subscribers automatically. WordPress is great for that functionality(We are currently using tumblr).

I added a sample template of ours here. (Usually there won’t be that many links)

Source: Mailchimp blog

MailChimp beamer

I stumbled on this crazy but nifty Mailchimp features while looking for the RSS to email solution.

MailChimp beam will let you send email campaigns by just emailing your unique mailchimp email address.


Source: Mailchimp blog

2. IFTTT (If This Then That)

This is a god send for tweaking and customizing notifications or just manipulating popular internet services to your will. Especially if you want to test future features that you may want to implement into your own site or product. 

A nifty and very popular use case:


Source: IFTTT

For example: I received an email notification in my personal inbox from a private message on a forum related to my work.  I want all those email notifications forwarded to my mobile phone via sms.

Easy peasy. You can setup a trigger for every email comes from that specific forum email address(ex. [email protected]) Set your email client to forward those mails to [email protected] who will then forward that message to your mobile phone via (sms).

 If that is confusing just check the blog for my upcoming IFTTT recipe for qiscus  (I’ll include pretty pictures ;p ).

3. Buffer (Social media sharing app)

 Type and forget. Buffer for later. 

Buffer has a special place in my heart. It is in the same category as evernote for me. It is a service that lets me fire and forget. I can queue up my post and let them fly at the scheduled times I have setup.

The chrome and firefox extension work great for capturing and queuing blog post or any interesting things you find online and want to share.  


That is all I’ve got for today. We are always looking for cool tools to help small teams and companies become more productive. If you have any suggestion drop them in the comments below.

Jon Eilerman

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