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qiscus Hack Tip: How To Prevent a Resume Avalanche With Evernote

The search for talent is crazy and always in high demand.  Being a small company we try to utilize all the major channels for sourcing applicants, but run into one major problem.  The amount of email notifications and resumes sent from these sites (jobcentral, linkedin, jobstreet, monster and so on) get a bit crazy.  


Last week I was speaking with our CEO and he commented on this exact issue.  I decided to bring Evernote to the rescue and came up with a quick fix for recruiters and companies who want to avoid the inbox nightmares of resumes flooding in and let Evernote do the heavy lifting when it comes to organization.

E-mail management via resumes is a nightmare.  This Evernote tip it will keep you super organized.  Here is my step by step guide to using evernote as a resume drop and database alternative for job listing sites.

Step #1.


If you don’t have Evernote download it here and create an account.

Once you have Evernote installed you will need to create your notebook and tags.  For this example we created “job application” notebook and “hiring” tag.  The notebook and tag are the categories we want the incoming job applications to be sent to.

Step #2


We are now building our custom link, so when a prospect clicks on the link the email will already have the email address and subject heading pre-filled with our evernote Title, notebook and tag already prepared.

Fill in your email and Evernote @notebook and #tags  You need to copy and past this html code at the bottom of your job listing page.

The code has three parts that you need to fill in first.

1. Evernote email address (Find this by going to Tools and Account Info)

2. Subject: (Position) (@notebook) (#tag)

3.Name your link. (ex. e-mail your application here)

I have provided an example below.

<a href=“mailto:[email protected]?subject=Project Manager @job application #hiring”>e-mail your application here.</a>

Once this is done.  Test your email link and your should get the result below, but with your information.

When clicking the link below it will prompt your email client with the provided information.

The result will look like this:


Step #3

Now when job prospects start submitting emails via that email link you will receive all of you resumes and cover letters in your specified notebook and tags.


Check out the evernote blog post for teaching you how to email notes with notebook and tags here.

Hope this help with your prospecting.  Happy hunting!

If you have any Evernote tips for hacks please share them with us in the comments.


Jon Eilerman – Growth Hacker

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