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qiscus helped me get back on my feet after getting knocked down by dengue fever

Dengue is really terrible.

I was down and out for a week with dengue fever. It was very terrible and I was too weak and too sick to keep track about what was going on in the company.

I couldn’t eat proper meals because each time I tried, I would almost immediately regurgitate everything out. On some days, fluid meals were the order of the day.

(*side note: Do make it a habit to check on places of breeding for mosquitos; in this case, prevention is definitely better than cure)

I have very limited access to my phone when I was hospitalized for 5 days.


Recovered but I still feel so weak….

Thanks to all the good medical care provided by the hardworking doctors and nurses, I was getting better and discharged from hospital.

As this was the first time being away for so long from work, like most people (even for entreprenuers), I was almost prepared to get overwhelmed by the amount of catch up I’ve got to do.

Also, since the qiscus team is distributed across two countries, Singapore and Indonesia, the amount of messages we sent across is a lot!

This coupled with me being in recovery phase made me feel quite weak and lazy to get started.


How qiscus really really help

Since I use qiscus fully for my work communications, I was surprise to know that it was so easy to check what happened while I was away.

You see, I have never experienced not checking qiscus for more than a week. So when I checked in, as expected, there were a lot of notifications in the rooms that I was in. It wasn’t overwhelming. Just quietly sitting there waiting for me to clear them through.

As I started to read each new messages, I realised that topics in each room really help me understand and absorb the information. I could catch up very fast! As it was surprisingly easy, I had a lot of fun in the process.


Just imagine seeing the group chat of your team but with topics in it to help organise nicely. You can just filter through the topics you are not interested or involved in, and focus to the information that is more important to you.

It’s also easy to call someone via qiscus to clarify my doubts, without interrupting the flow of conversation unlike emails because it is chat system anyway. So it’s very normal to quickly clear out the doubts with quick pings.

It may help you too!

I can’t imagine recovering and catching up so quickly with emails or unstructured chat system, I am pretty sure I will spend more time and may still be unsure of what is going on.  In fact, I may have to set up a meeting just to keep myself updated, something that’s quite a time wasting phenomena in the corporate world.

Evan Purnama

qiscus - group messaging tool for teams working remotely.

In many ways, qiscus’s interface is as familiar as using whatsapp.

But that’s where it ends. Using qiscus, you can be superman/woman and manage multiple discussions on your mobile,  then swing over to your laptop to quickly execute your tasks.   


qiscus is designed for teams, platform agnostic and it’s as easy to as chat but as powerful as a project collaboration tool.

Supercharged your teams communication by giving qiscus a try



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