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Qiscus Personal-Hacks

In this post I am going to introduce our programme that already ran for more than 2 months:

Qiscus Personal-Hacks.

Qiscus Jogja Team (all of our great Engineer and Developer are working here while our great Designer and Sales team working in Singapore) have a very interesting programme. We force suggest all of our team to always be awesome and cool. Never be satisfied with things that you already know and  you have to keep learning and make difference in order to create bigger impact as individual.

To achieve that mission, we created Qiscus Personal Hacks which we also allocated 10% of company time for developer to invest their time to build their own personal hacks. They choose whatever project that they want to build as long as they passionate to it or they can learn much from it. They have to present/demo every week the progress that they done and they also have to update to each other during daily standing meeting what is the status or progress of their personal hacks.


Why do we think this is very important?

Every person in our team have their own personal dream in their life. They have their own idea that they want to develop using their great skills. But sometimes people think they don’t have time to do whatever they want, so they never try. This end up they never reveal their true greatness. We want every person in our company try their best to achieve their personal dream.

This also at the same time will help them to always learn more about new things and can see from different perspective with what they used to. We believe by doing this programme, we can help them to develop theirself more effective. They can also learn how is the product being built from scratch. So they will everyday excited because not only every day job they are working on something that cool but also they have time to working on something that they dream of and make it real. Not only that, everyone care to other person project so each of us will constantly motivated and always want to show the progress and show how cool our thing is.  

We believe for some point every developer have their own great technical idea about some technical problem, but because one or another reason they cannot implement their idea to company official product. So this is the chance for them to really try out the idea. We believe that this can make everyone happy and also help us never miss any opportunity to see any great idea in our company.

the worst idea is one that never be executed

Of course every personal-hacks is own by the person, not the company. This also open their chance to be next great entrepreneur and we will be the one that very happy too because we also take part of giving impact to make the world better.

what are their personal hacks in details?

I will share about every developer’s personal hacks at Qiscus Jogja In the different blogpost . So stay tuned 😉

– evnpr


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