Reaching New Heights in 2019

Hello everyone!

As we count down the days to 2020, I would humbly like to invite you to take a moment to reflect with us on the events in 2019. 

2019 has been a year full of ground-shaking events. For enterprises like us, the “WeWork” saga shook the startup investment world. The news might be shocking to some but as a business player in the tech industry, we have seen that happening a lot in our space. Thus, the focus is not on the fear of downfall but on how businesses should build strong fundamentals in order to grow sustainably with a healthy trajectory. 

Therefore, we are very grateful that Qiscus has earned one of its most significant milestones: being profitable in 2019. It is a landmark news for the B2B software as a service (SAAS) world.

Delta Purna Widyangga – Qiscus’ CEO

By focusing on growing our business into a world-class technology company, Qiscus aims to bring the customizable chat SDK and highly scalable messaging API, which has become our specialty, as 100 percent built by local talents to compete on a global scale.

We have always envisioned helping our clients to meet their customers’ expectations of experiencing the #EnablingConversations better through our products. In aiming for that vision, Qiscus attempts to implement it through our company values:

Growth is Our Mindset

In Qiscus, each team member understands that what is essential is not only the result. What is more valuable is how we learn continuously and take up challenges which excite us. Each member must grow individually before being able to contribute to the team and the company’s development. 

Usefulness is Our Happiness

As Qiscus products focus on service, our team members find joy in knowing that our products bring benefits not only to our clients but also to users and the community. Here, we also find happiness in being useful by helping each other in the team.  

Excellence is in Our Blood

In Qiscus, we aim high and push one another to become the best versions of ourselves to achieve our goal. Therefore, we always try to be disciplined and effective in our journey to achieve that goal. 

Our Words are Our Commitment 

In completing each project, Qiscus sets specific and measurable commitments so that the team is accountable to our clients. 

Our Team is Our Key to Success

Considering that our team members are our biggest asset as well as the key to our success, we aim to build and strengthen our camaraderie and communicate with each other clearly and effectively.

Qiscus’ Major Achievements in 2019

Through our discipline and hard work in doing so, we are proud to announce that in 2019, Qiscus has been able to bring the #EnablingConversation spirit to a broader range of customers. In total, Qiscus has brought the power of conversations to 13 industries, with 16 use-cases in 14 countries, reaching out to almost 15 million users.

Several industry sectors have already experienced the benefits of our diverse portfolio of products. Take the example of Qiscus multichannel products, which have successfully helped in reducing the calls between bank branches and headquarters. We also succeeded in cutting down customer service daily calls from 240 calls to 5-6 calls only. It saved between 90 to 95 percent of working hours in handling daily enquiries. With all this, it has also mitigated the loss of revenue due to miscommunication between front and back offices. At the same time, it has increased collaborations between front, middle, and back offices to bring businesses closer to their end-customers. 

Meanwhile, Qiscus’ customizable chat SDK has helped business players to communicate more comfortably with end-users. It has also helped developers to apply chat features on applications, saving developer resources while doing so. Lastly, Qiscus SDK has been useful in tightening engagement among business stakeholders. 

We are also proudly announcing that in one of our use-cases in Indonesia, Qiscus has helped Bukalapak, our prominent client, to optimize the use of its chat-feature server. This has helped our client save on its operational costs.

Read More: Qiscus Supports the Indonesian E-Commerce Sector: Optimizing Bukalapak’s Chat Feature

On top of that, Qiscus has been working at the heart of the small-and-medium businesses (SMB) ecosystem to help clients in this sector to optimize customer experience as well. To make this happen, we have also been working very closely with ecosystem partners to promote excellence in landing pages, chatbots, email marketing, the marketplace, and ecosystem enablers, as well as the customer relationship management (CRM) software sector. 

Last but not least, we have not forgotten our mission of educating and improving technological literacy in the Indonesian community. Qiscus routinely holds our #TechTalk series, a regular seminar-style event that discusses current technology trends through the invitation of experts from the field, including our own. Qiscus has reached its 118th #TechTalk by end 2019, some of which were organized with six partners. Our #TechTalk series have also gathered more than 370 individuals altogether, contributing to the creation of a vibrant and robust technology community in Indonesia.

Once Again, Thank You! 

Looking back at our journey this year, I cannot help but humbly thank you for the endless support, especially to all parties who had contributed to Qiscus in 2019. For our existing clients who trust us and have continuously provided positive and constructive feedback for us to meet their expectations, we thank you sincerely. 

On behalf of the team, I would also like to show our deep appreciation to our partners who have helped us spread the Qiscus’ spirit of #EnablingConversations to a broader range of audience.

More than that, I sincerely thank the Qiscus team which had contributed to Qiscus’ journey to become a world-class tech company. Surely, we would not be able to arrive at this point without your hard work, team. 

I hope that in the upcoming New Year, Qiscus will continue to expand its efforts in #EnablingConversations to many more industries and countries across the world to realize our vision of becoming a world-class technological enterprise. 

Cheers to the prosperous year ahead!




Delta Purna Widyangga

Chief Executive Officer


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