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Qiscus ‘Reloaded’

When using a messaging platform for work, things become fast and furious (f&f) – too f&f that sometimes you feel that you are losing out of steam to clear the messages. This is one of the fundamental reason why we refuse to use ‘counters’ to indicate the number of unread messages in the first place.

As a principle, we strive to make things organized and simple – We do not want to impose unnecessary burden on you.

So over the past few months, we listened to some awesome feedback and ideas from our users. We took them seriously, discussed intensely and work on some of them really ‘fast and furious’ and now…

Voilaaa! We welcome Qiscus’ new updates! New exciting features!

Check this out:

1. Hundreds and hundreds of unread messages? FRET NOT

There can be hundreds of unread messages but you can still zoom in right to the few important messages that are meant for you. With qiscus’ new ‘Mentions’ tab, you can now see the list of important messages which requires your attention.

Why we implement this?

We want to help you focus on what’s important. The rest, read them when you are available.

Click on a mention and you will be brought to the exact topic where your attention is required.

2. No more hassle switching between your 2nd, 3rd or 10th qiscus accounts

You may be amongst the cool group of people who are involved in several companies. Now, with qiscus’ Company List feature, you can now switch between different company accounts so easily that you can do it with your eyes closed – or rather almost.

Why we implement this?

We want to help you better manage all your involvements in a single platform.

Click on Company Name at the top bar and see the list of companies or teams you have.

3. Admins now hold the power to accept, reject or remove users

Say NO to uninvited or unwanted guests in your room. While everyone can add anyone into any room, no one can now be a part of any room/discussions without prior approval from the company Admin.

Why we implement this?

Information leak is the last thing our enterprise clients want. And preventing this is of utmost importance to us.

Company admin holds the power. Well, this comes with great responsibility of course.

For sure, there are more updates coming really soon. Keep a lookout for them. In the meantime, do continue to give us your awesome feedbacks. At the end of the day, we want to help you communicate not just ‘fast and furious’ but ‘focused and safe’.



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