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qiscus removes the need to find a common time to communicate

History of communication


The big weakness of current communications systems:
It’s alway necessary to find a common time!

What is the next big idea in communications?


If we can eliminate the need to find common time, who would benefit most?

  1. Teams who are in different timezones. (No more waking up during ungodly hours)
  2. Teams with different work patterns such as business teams and development teams. (No more petty arguments)
  3. Teams with unique staff requirements. (Homemakers, Retired Professionals or Staff with work-from-home benefits)

qiscus REMOVES the need for common time.


When you use normal messaging systems, you would always require the other party to reply you within the time period right?

For example, when you are organizing a video call, every participating member must find a common time to join in the call.

But with qiscus, topics allows you to have multiple discussions at the same time without losing track. This way, you say everything that you needed to say and your team member will take it off from there.

qiscus - group messaging tool for teams working remotely.

In many ways, qiscus’s interface is as familiar as using whatsapp.

But that’s where it ends. Using qiscus, you can be superman/woman and manage multiple discussions on your mobile,  then swing over to your laptop to quickly execute your tasks.   

Click Join Now to supercharged your teams communication by giving qiscus a try.



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