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Qiscus SDN BHD & PT is coming to KL & Jakarta!

Hello Jakarta!

Currently as you might have known, we’re based in Jogjakarta & Singapore. 

However, in Indonesia, to have an impactful presence, you’ve got to be in Jakarta.

Especially with the election of Indonesia’s President Jokowi Widodo, we’re very excited and hopeful that this will be the dawn of a new and unprecedented era for Indonesia!

So here’s a shout out to friends in Jakarta, do ping us for coffee! Would love to catch up. =D

Hello Kuala Lumpur!

Quite recently, Malaysia’s PM Najib Razak, announced changes at spurring the nation’s productivity. We believe that this is a signal towards the committed improvement for a new Malaysia. 

As qiscus is focused on increasing productivity via a better communication, this is an excellent opportunity for us to step our game up.

So calling all the cool folks in Kuala Lumpur, do show us the awesome roti canai places in around Kuala Lumpur! We’re most definitely looking forward to the exciting new base in KL.

How do we move so fast?
Quite simple. =D
Your communication tools are the medium in which your team resides in. If the tool is superior, your team will be superior as well. They’ll be faster, more agile and adaptive.

We happen to be using qiscus – a Messaging system designed purely for Work.

In fact, one of the features that amplifies the effectiveness of qiscus is passive notifications. Unlike other notification systems, qiscus notifications is silent. It doesn’t call or bothers you.

Passive notifications allows you to:

  1. Keep track & listen in to more things without being overwhelmed with notifications.
  2. Allow you to focus on the things that you’re working on with less distractions.

And when something is important or urgent, you can always make an @call to trigger the active notification which will also send an email to the intended user.

If you wish to know more, check qiscus out here, contact us via email at [email protected] or simply pick up the phone and call us at +65 6631 8454.


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