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Qiscus went on secret trial in Creative Morning Singapore today!

Creative Mornings Singapore

I woke up really early today to catch a talk by Kestrel Lee on social currency. 


It’s tough to wake up and make my way to Ogilvy so early in the morning but I’ve always enjoyed all the previous Creative Morning events. Plus there’s an amazing vibe that you can get by being with creative and beautiful people. Somewhat like a great perk up for the week except it’s at the end of the week. Guess it’s a good booster for my weekends!


Kestrel Lee, Edelmen Shanghai


Kestrel Lee, digital creative director for Edelmen Shanghai, was the speaker today. He is a native Singaporean who is residing in Shanghai (China)

He talked about ‘Social Currency’ today. Pretty much, we’re very curious to know more because being in a start-up, social media is the cheapest way to market our product. So I’m all ears.


qiscus – Take notes while discussing with your friends?

The event was held at Ogilvy. Unfortunately, I was the only one who could make it between my other co-founders.


Ogilvy is at B and one of us was at A.

So I happily took notes on qiscus for reference later. 


And out pops one of my co-founder from faraway..


So we discussed while I’m taking notes and it feels as though we’re both attending the event together!

Notes from the event

After the notes taking, we ran through the notes through a qispiler to compile the important keypoints of the talk. It’s still in beta so the product is still in the rough:

Creative mornings

social currency by Kestrel Lee, Edelmen Shanghai Creative director

need to create a social value to oneself. Else someone else would assign that value for us.
 - aminw..
not the most strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent. but the one that is most responsive to change.
 - aminw..
check better by design NZ national strategy
 - aminw..
red bull created a good social currency using emotional dessign with the stratos campaign
 - aminw..
- aminw..
like cannon campaign ask users to take pictures of soon to be long lost heritage.
 - aminw..
johnson & johson created a new marketing by targetting a niche that no other brands has tried.
they targetted working mother trying to juggle work and parenting.
they started off with a video that educate mothers of the available facilites to help them.

think its the same idea  as constantly trying to create value for people. regardless of whether your campaign is for your product or not.
 - aminw..
he recommended this book
- aminw..
collaboration is an important function in creating social currency. 
 - aminw..
there's a risk when creating such s social movement. it can backfire.
 - aminw..
need to do social listening. social insights is very important.
need to check facebook pages, social network pages, and so on..
 - aminw..
anything that is emotional will spread very fast. esp necessary for china because they control like crazy
 - aminw..

I’m not sure if you can make any sense of it. If there’s nothing useful, it’s probably because I’m a lousy note taker.

What do you think?

We’re really curious about what you think of this application of technology. 

Is there anyway we could do it better?

Would it be useful for you?

We’re not open to public yet but if you’re really interested you can sign up here at:


Stay tune for our next secret trial run!


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