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Really? You have meaningful debates on Facebook?


You opened the pandora’s box the moment you started speaking about something you clearly have very little understanding of.

Yet you cover your ignorance behind politics, language and slangs that distract the fundamentals of the whole argument.

What was the purpose of you bringing up something on FB anyways?
Was it to show everyone you’re smart enough to think of something that appears so clever?
Was it to show everyone that you have the courage to fight for something, even if it’s just for a split second in a world that’s not real?
Was it to convince yourself that you could finally be a part of something, even if it’s just for a short while?
Or was it just by accident that you happen to feel strongly for something, then decided to pop an opinion and thereby forced to defend your position; or so you thought.


Of course, I’m talking about no one in particular.

Just writing my thoughts on the chronicles of senseless debates that happens on Facebook.
You know, I’ve this funny feeling that Facebook will soon be a thing of the past in a couple of years time.

Perhaps it’s time you move to a proper place when you can discuss with your team members about something more useful, and at the same time still get work done.




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