Slack, We Admire You, But We Found Something Better

Slack VS Facebook Workplace VS Microsoft Teams VS…… The list goes on.

We honestly do admire Slack. It’s ability to fight an uphill battle of being the main, if not default, work messaging application is commendable, considering that there are many big players like Facebook and Microsoft offering free (or almost free) messaging services which work similar to Slack.

One of the pitches/values common between Slack and Qiscus (and Facebook’s workplace and Microsoft Team) is that we enhance productivity in work communication. This value has been realized more than a decade ago and is now replacing emails as the default work communication tool (at least for internal communication) and increasingly, companies are turning to messaging applications to have more intimate collaborations with partners or personalized services for clients.

While speaking to our clients in the traditional industries such as healthcare, legal firm, education etc, we realised another thing area which is ‘underserved’: many of these companies are worried about the uncertain future (especially in light of the saga in US politics.. and of course the other parts of the world), such that they very much prefer an IT solution that is able to show a quantifiable improvement to their bottom line.

So now Qiscus has another important role to play. Not just about enhancing work communications productivity via Qiscus App, but also enabling businesses to deliver services beyond any physical boundaries and at any time.

This has begun to revolutionize several key industries such as the healthcare industry of Indonesia through Halodoc – we are virtualizing services, enabling them to be accessible via consumer’s mobile phones at anytime from anywhere. And we are moving to the SEA region to make this happen in other industries and countries as well.

Keep a lookout for more exciting updates! One of which is the launch of our new website…. Very soon!!


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