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Small Companies VS Big Companies

When I was at third year of my undergraduate, I was about applying to companies at the career fair at my university. I just do some normal things like putting my name and email to the form that they provide to get more information about the companies.

Next few days, I received an email from one of the companies that give very interesting point about differences working at small companies and big companies.  

“ Small Companies vs Big Companies

Small companies are a very different proposition to larger corporates.

For my career I have chosen to work mainly in and with small organisations after spending the first years of my career at an MNC. Some people like smaller companies, some prefer huge organisations – have a think about your preference.

You’ll notice I haven’t put "fame and riches” as benefits of startups. Personally if that’s the reason you want to do web startups you’re going to be disappointed. Optimize for your own day-to-day happiness, get skilled, be lucky.

Small Companies

Responsibility, quickly Strong personal relationships Relaxed work environment Nowhere to hide, you will work hard but won’t be exploited If you find the right people you’ll learn a lot You get to bring your whole personality to work but you’ll bring a bit home too

Big Companies

In theory, job security but my experience is that your skills become your security. A good programmer/designer is rarely out of work for long. You might prefer the formality, stability and structure of a big company You may be able to earn more money for less work A recognised career path You can generally leave your work at work Your Personality

I’ll mainly be talking about the technical and design opportunities in this email, but most of the personality traits and behaviours are common in the non-technical roles as well.

Confident & outgoing: a quieter person may struggle with the banter amongst the individuals at this early stage of the company. It’s not that there is no room for quieter people in our company, it’s just that the makeup of the team is such that we’ve got quite a boisterous bunch right now.

Great communicator: design and development (and other startup work) is made much easier when you are able to express yourself well; both in person and in the written word.

Diligent & Trustworthy: We do not have time to check every piece of work you do. You love to finish things, to ship code and to show people what you’ve done.

Self-motivated & Passionate: You see opportunities to improve things and you talk through the problem to come up with a potential solution. If you are only good at doing things you’re told to do, this job may not be for you.

A Good Learner: Coming out of university education I do not expect you to have the exact skills I’m looking for, in fact I expect to invest time in training you.

Good signs for engineers/designers are:

  • Working sites of your own
  • A professionally presented portfolio (design or code examples)
  • A blog
  • A github page
  • An interest in web technologies in addition to those you have studied
  • Things we look for in “business people” are:
  • Strong analytical skills, ideally with relevant internships or other experience
  • Exceptional presentation, communication and negotiation skills
  • Passion for travel

You should bear this in mind when you’re applying to us, as well as any other companies.“

– evnpr


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