Qiscus X Jogja JS 8: Learn about TypeScript and How to Configure It

What is TypeScript? JavaScript is not a new thing for a web programmer or a software developer. It is a well-known programming language in digital world. It became one of the programming languages that can be used to create Windows-based applications. Unfortunately, in creating large-scale complex applications using JavaScript is not so easy. Microsoft, a …

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It’s raining ash and lava in Jogjakarta #PrayForKelud

Deadly Indonesian Mount Kelud Erupts This morning, Delta (one of qiscus co-founders) messaged everyone in qiscus about our Jogja team not able to come to work.  It’s not a big deal not having anyone coming to work because we’re all always connected on qiscus but the situation in Jogja sounds really serious because everyone is …

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Evan interviewed by Jogja Digital Valley TV! 
It’s in Indonesian tho. I think Google has an auto-subtitle somewhere right?

ps. Oh btw, meet Evan. He’s chief tech for qiscus. Evan’s a genius.