#TechTalk104: Apps with Chat or Without?

Saturday (10/02) Qiscus held a monthly event, TechTalk, with the theme Apps with Chat or Without. Taking place in Jogja Digital Valley, the event was attended by participants from various professional backgrounds. This TechTalk is the 104th event held by Qiscus. In this event, Rizqinofa Putra, Founder of Skyshi Digital Indonesia, attended as a speaker. With a duration of about two hours, Rizqi explained about the influence of chat in business and shared his insight with the audience.

According to Rizqi, based on the data they have, 60% of business people who work with them nowadays create more apps in the form of mobile apps. Of each mobile app created, 33% of them are new in using chat in mobile apps while the other 67% still have not used chat before.

Risqi said, the type of company that focused on use of chat in apps is a company willing to add new features from existing features, increase sales, build new startups, or pivot. On the other hand, based  on the Forrester Consulting research,  companies that implement chat in business processes have potential to achieve ROI of 305%. This is because chat can improve customer engagement and service effectiveness in the company.

However, there are some things that should be considered in an effort to build a chat, since it is not easy to fulfill consumer expectations of a product or feature chat. This is because consumers are already accustomed to using chat in everyday activities, so if they are treated to a product-based or just have a chat feature, their expectations will be very high.

There are so many challenges that must be prepared by  business, including the fact that businesses must know their needs and how to provide human resources or capital. For companies that have already had their own IT teams, the capacity in real-time technology development is also one factor to be concerned with. Furthermore, Rizqi explained that although not all platforms use chat features in them, the number of chat in a platform will increase. Based on this, there are three types of chat in business.

First, chat as the main business. Second, chat as a supporting business, and the last chat as a communication tool. Based on Skyshi data, the highest percentage of these is chat as a existing business support. Mostly, chat is used to handle ordering by 58% and complaints by 40%, while 2% still use offline services for ordering.

Why Chat is Important

Currently, there is a significant change in consumer behavior from app users. When we compared with before the chat era, the expectations of users is very high. For example, ordering process. Nowadays, user start leaving offline ordering.This has increased the “laziness syndrome”, which causes users’ needs / demands for comfort. This has to be realised by companies.

This trend does not need to always connect offline which is limited in space and time. In other cases, even to find out the company’s products independently via the internet, consumers are still “lazy”. They are more comfortable when they can ask anything, complain, or ordering in the same features and real-time. This fundamental need has been predicted by large companies to measure and develop their apps. Through chat, the company can increase sales and scale-up faster than before. Companies’ benefits of building a chat in their apps consist of:

1. Everybody Loves to Chat
Chat is not only interesting, but also very useful. Everybody wants to confirm each project or everything they have just submitted. Everyone wants to know the detailed information about certain products or service you offer. Everybody wants to have dual communication with other people, with the person in charge, with those who know better and  have more information. In short, everybody loves to chat. Ask yourself, is it more satisfying to just read the information or ask somebody about it?

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2. The Greater Impact
In app for big or growing portals/websites/companies is important. It can reach more targeted customers, so it can give the greater impact to customers or/and society. If you have chat services in your app, you can answer questions from your customers right away. The customers will not lose their time, and you will not lose your potential customers.

3. Profitable
Increasing the company’s profit is just a bonus that will definitely come along, just like when we play dominos. Let’s think about it like this: you provide what customers want and give the best you can. Then customers are happy with your services. They will be your loyal customers and even refer you to their friends. It is also like a brand awareness. You get caught, featured, and known better. So yes, the profit will also get higher.

Having your own in app messaging means that you also get closer to customers by yourself. Or at least, your team will know the customers and their needs better than before. What you have to do is just to train the customer service of your company to refer your own app to be downloaded. They can give the direct link in the website, Google Store, or App Store. Mention the benefits if customers download the app and register themselves, or refer to friends.

So, Where You Can Start?

In addition to human resources issues, high costs also become a problem faced by companies wanting to develop chat to improve their business. Some companies with sufficient resources may choose to build their own infrastructure from scratch.

Meanwhile, some others choose using a third party, for example by using the Software Development Kit (SDK) readily made. In Indonesia, there are companies that focus on the development of the chat SDK , which can help businesses accelerate the process of making a chat with ease and an affordable price. One of them is Qiscus. Chat SDK from Qiscus allows companies to implement chat features into their existing products, be it mobile app or web.

Companies can personalize their chat needs with a wide selection of feature preferences, such as typing indicators, attachments, emoji supports, private and group chats, online presence and delivery indications. This emphasizes Qiscus’s product character capable of tailoring to diverse business needs, while flexibility enables Qiscus Chat SDK used on various platforms either mobile (iOS / Android) and web.

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This chat can also be integrated with various artificial intelligence products (AI), such as robot. Qiscus Solution Architect’s team will make everything possible through the work that is the same as local robot developers, including Kata.ai.

Meanwhile, individuals or companies that have no technical resources can choose an End-to-End package. Through this solution, Qiscus offers a complete package for businesses with utilizing Chat SDK for an output in the form of a white-labeled app. Businesses can discuss the desired concepts and according to their needs, such as: personalized features on the chat platform, including when they want to build a payment gateway. Qiscus provides a support team, both in terms of technical and business to be making it easier for companies to adopt this trend.


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