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The amazing invention called ‘Clock’

Sometimes, some of the greatest inventions of all times has become so integrated into our lives such that they are taken for granted.

This is despite the ingenious thoughts and undying persistence of special individuals forcing themselves through the trying cycles of failing and re-trying.

The clock is one such example.


It all started with a simple sundial (which continued to be used to monitor the performance of clocks until the modern era).

Between the sundial and the modern electronic (or kinetic etc) clock today, there are many variations or types of timepieces; the ’water clock’, telling time using sticks made of incense, ’Candle Clocks’, ’Pendulum Clocks’, ’Astronomical Clock’, ’Equation Clocks’, ‘Longcase clock’ (also known as the Grandfather Clock) and many others.


The variation of clocks throughout our history is just amazing. Really amazing.

Nevertheless, behind these amazing inventions, we ought to admire the brilliant minds responsible for them and the brilliant discussions that took place before any success was achieved.


It is no doubt that these great discussions have brought about great inventions which till today, have impacted our lives significantly such that without them, we can only imagine chaos.




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