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The best activity for team bonding: Paintball!

One of the main fundamental principle of designing qiscus is to facilitate communication for teams who are operating remotely from each other. And because of qiscus, we’ve been able to work with each other very well even though we are 2000km apart. In qiscus, it’s almost as though we are working in the same building, albeit just different rooms. 

To be honest, the above paragraph was a huge assumption. Indeed being able to have two offices in different continents allows us to leverage on different talent and resources very well. However, we do admit, it is quite different to meet someone in person and to work with someone virtually. 

So we decided to have a team outing and finally be able to put a face to the names that we’ve been talking to almost everyday. Similar to pen pals who talked to each other via letters without meeting, it was all butterflies in our stomachs the day before we met (okays I’m exaggerating). But nevertheless, it is quite exciting. 

On the most recent Friday, everyone of us adjourn in the office in Jogjakarta. Most of us, from Singapore, took different flights because we had to be in different cities (this is what happens when your team is extremely mobile). So pretty much it was very interesting to have been able to meet everyone in the flesh. 

Some of us have cool names, like Mas Benx. Though first impression can be quite unexpected (it does take some time to warm up to each other anyways), for the most part everyone is really almost as what we’ve imagined to be while talking to each other in qiscus.

What cannot be captured in qiscus was the little nuances that colour our personalities more. For example, personall, I think our Indonesian team is super hilarious. Each day with them is full of laughter. Whereas our Singaporean team is very expressive because we tend talk quite a lot online and offline.  

So how can we get everyone to gel quickly in 1.5 days?

The solution: Paintball!

Paintball is a very good team game that hurts. All of us walked away with bruises and blood (I’m not kidding; getting hit is no joke). But amidst the sweat and tears, we had to strategize in teams, work together to ‘kill’ or be in it together to ‘die’. Even some of us who are less mobile and less incline to sports were running around like we’re still eighteen. 

During the game, it was very interesting to see cool guys like Angga, who walk around with an energy shield around himself tapping on the shoulders instead of shooting them to ‘kill’. 

And we had a princess, Fatin (who happens to be the only girl in the company as a matter of fact), who needed no saving and was often the last man, I mean woman, standing. 

There’s also Hiraq, who wouldn’t play soccer or move much on a normal basis, but was really THE pro when it comes to paintball. 

And Jon was his typical American self with all guns blazing throughout the entire match. He’s quite clever to have realised that the bullets that bounces off nets would not have exploded yet  so he’s always the one with extra ammo. 

Needless to say , it was a really a fun activity and there’s certainly much to write about each other with just a half day spent together. More importantly we begin to realise how we are as a person with awesome character and personalities and hopefully this would help us work together better in qiscus. In fact, as we have more budget in the future this is something that we really hope to do on a more regular occurance.


The entire qiscus team finally in a photograph!

On a side note, paintball in Jogjakarta was really affordable. For a team of 18 people with 50 bullets each and additional 1000 bullets, it was about SGD$225 or 2 million rupiah.

The name of the place? Paintball Spartan. Give it a check if you’re in Jogjakarta yeah.  


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