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The Evolution. And It’s Just Getting Better.

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Seeing how “normal” it is to see people use instant messaging as their communication platform on daily basis, you may not expect that there were days when instant messaging was not as popular as it is right now.

The concept of instant messaging has actually emerged since mid 1960s. Compatible Time-Sharing System (CTSS) appeared as one of the first operating systems, which was created at the Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT)’s Computation Center in 1961. It allowed 30 users to log in at the same time and send messages to each other.

As the years went by, instant messaging has evolved a lot. People started to use instant messaging to benefit their business. In fact, tens of millions of the instant messaging accounts were being used for business purposes by employees of companies and other organizations.

The demand was so high that finally in 1998, a new type of instant messaging called Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM) was created by Lotus Software. It was built as a business communications platform, with ensured security and legal compliance. Shortly after that, Microsoft also jumped into the market by releasing Microsoft Exchange, as well as Oracle Corporation with their Oracle Beehive.

In the early 2000s, IT security provider emerged to provide remedies for the risks and liabilities faced by companies who chose to use instant messaging for business purposes. They created new products to be installed in corporate networks for the purpose of archiving, content-scanning, and security-scanning.

It’s safe to say that instant messaging has come a long way, especially in business industry. With such rapid adoption of instant messaging in workplace, the demand for instant messaging safety products began to grow in mid-2000s. Imagine how much the security aspect has developed today. We can use instant messaging for business purposes with more secured privacy.

So, where will instant messaging go next? There’s only one way to know, which is follow the trend to use instant messaging for your business purposes and see how it goes from there. Besides, it will allow you to be more focus on work with minimum distraction.

A little bit of experiment with instant messaging won’t hurt.


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