The Highlights of Our 2017 Retreat

This is a reflection by Muhammad Md Rahim, COO of Qiscus.

We have just ended our annual retreat – an event we all, including all our own family members, look forward to every year. It is the time we refresh, review, refine and revitalize ourselves in preparation for the exciting journey ahead.

Qiscus as a company has indeed grown in many aspects over the years (which we are thankful to everyone including our shareholders); Our solutions are now being used by clients in various industries in multiple countries and we are embarking on several game-changing solutions together with key industry players, which we will be happy to make it publicly known very soon.

But this was not the main highlight for this year’s retreat, at least for me. 

During the retreat…

I saw an adorable young girl gently dancing to the tune of a song while sitting on a circular ‘stage’ (dining table). Indeed, she was the star of the night and I am pretty sure one day she will be a shining star, in her own ways.

I felt the deep relationships our members have with their respective family members, especially the spouses.  They took lots of selfies/wefies with the exquisite beauty of the mountains & plantations in the background.

I participated in a laughing spree along with the others when our members teased and joked with each other. I must say that their energy was unmatchable. They let their hair down and were genuinely enjoying each others’ presence.

To me, these are the real highlights of the retreat because they deepen and strengthen the need for us to strive forward and soar up high.

Qiscus wants to help our clients’ businesses grow by leveraging the power of chat and calls. This is not an easy task and requires an awesome team. An awesome team is not defined by the individual talents of each member but by the combination of their talents to produce synergies which will produce great results – results which are beyond expectations – ie say “1+1 = >2”.

Now, these synergies are affected by one key factor: the strength of the bonds between our hearts. Indeed, I felt a powerful bond during the retreat.

Qiscus consciously measures and tracks key matrices to objectively show our clients the impact of our solutions on their businesses. This requires a data-driven mindset and culture. Nonetheless, when it comes to the welfare of our members, we do emphasize on taking care of the ‘matters of the heart’. We ensure that our care and concern goes to our loved ones as well. They are the ones who will be there for us during our tough times and hence when times are tough for them, we feel for them and we ensure we provide the support we can as well.

To us, strong support from our families increases our resilience as individuals and teams. This can only be possible if both qiscus and our families see ourselves as part of this journey together. And indeed this is what I witnessed during the retreat.

In fact, during one of the competition we had – a challenge on who can explain best ‘why is Qiscus so important to businesses’, one of the best answers given was from the wife of one of our team member.

Qiscus is already in the midst of preparing for the post-app era ie the AI-powered era, during which it will be an understatement to say ‘things will not be the same’. But that’s precisely the thought that came into my head when I saw the young girl dancing on the dining table. Her world will be significantly different and qiscus aims to be at the forefront of this ‘revolution’ in the ASEAN region. She, as well as all the other children, present during the retreat, gave us a reason to strive harder in preparing not just the businesses but also the individual users for the upcoming AI-powered era. Bunga papan semarang

Indeed, the cute little girl reinforced the importance of the journey we are all embarking on now. 

In this journey of ours, we believe in one key ingredient of success – ‘Ihsan’.

This was the key message our CEO, Delta Purna Widyangga in his opening speech during the retreat. He reminded everyone to pursue Ihsan (an Arabic word for excellence, the best, perfection) in all that we do. We should strive for Ihsan in our own development, Ihsan towards our clients, Ihsan towards our team members and not forgetting Ihsan towards our families as well. This is a goal each of us should tirelessly strive for and in doing so, success will come.

Indeed it will come.


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