The Rise of Ed-Tech: Meet the Next Revolutionary Education Platform

Just like any growing country worldwide, Indonesia has an enormous appetite for quality education. As the 4th largest education system in the world, the country has an equally big, if not bigger, problem to tackle when it comes to improving its education front.

The diverse geographic condition of Indonesia, lack of infrastructures and corruption rate are merely the few examples of how much the nation has to overcome in terms of fair education distribution. As a recent United States Agency for International Development (USAID) report has revealed, Indonesia has an oversupply of more than 80.000 teachers. Yet, the gap to fulfill the demand is still unmet.

Presented with these hard facts, the merit of technology is expected to disrupt the standard mode of learning and tap into the endless potential the country has to offer; one that undoubtedly has the ability to change the landscape of the Indonesian education system through the provision of affordable and quality education. Furthermore, all of it is within the reach of any individual with a mobile access.

With the rise in mobile-connected services, the combination of technology and education is changing the face of global education at an overwhelming speed. In this particular case, one fully integrated ed-tech startup has proven that online learning might just be the key to addressing the pressing challenges in Indonesia’s education industry. And Qiscus is at the heart of this revolutionary movement.

Introducing Ruangguru, the comprehensive learning solution

As one of the biggest education digital startups in Indonesia, Ruangguru takes the very definition of studying and shifts it into a fully concentrated and all online learning solution.

First established in 2014, Ruangguru started by developing a marketplace for private tutors. It soon grew into the largest learning online community, connecting prospective students with over 27,000 teachers and covering more than 100 type of lessons in all over Indonesia at Ruangguru.

What started as an online marketplace was soon geared into a Learning Management System (LMS) platform that allows teacher to create content, assign school works, and conduct exams in a mobile app that is dubbed by both the co-founders, Adamas Belva Syah Devara and Iman Usman, as the ‘Uber for tutoring service’.

Ruangguru now has over a hundred thousand of downloads on both iOS and Android devices. Having secured 150,000 users plus parents and a community of 300,000 people, the company hopes to grow the number to one million by end of year.

Seamless WebRTC support in multiple communication means is key

While there are many available resources such as pre-recorded video lessons that are ready for viewing and learning, Ruangguru realizes that live interaction and two-way communication is an inseparable part of a teaching process. And this is where Qiscus steps in.

Equipped with a built-in chat and audio call facility, Ruangguru strides forward with its web real-time communication (WebRTC) system. Powered by Qiscus, the WebRTC system breaks down the classroom barrier and bridges it with homes or any after-school environment.

This means that students, at any given time or space, can get live interactivity with academicians or professors, receiving instructions from instructors through live broadcasts at home or attending the recorded lectures. Video content delivery and teacher-to-student interactions via video conferencing and virtual updating of textbooks are just some of the unique advantages of digital learning that provides personalized attention to all users.

Ruangguru, a peek to the tip of the iceberg

The platform is just the beginning as Devara and Usman now continue their focus on developing more products that add to the overall value of the platform.

Ruangguru currently has installed multiple ‘spaces’ such as the video space, hire space, tutoring space, practice space and exam space. With support by educators from top universities all around the world such as Harvard to University of Indonesia, students can expect a wide variety of lessons designed as per their need, whether for personal test or national tryouts.

Got a math question from school you can’t handle? Snap a picture of it and simply send it to the teacher for live discussion. Thousands of assignments are also awaiting students who are looking to conquer them, gaining scores as if it’s your typical monster-slashing game.

Devara has also claimed that the direction of the app is going to include parents, where they can gain analytical access to their children’s progress and even actively supervising their use of the app.

It’s not all about paying customers

While raking in a great profit along the way, Ruangguru also carries with it a mission statement to educate the impoverish Indonesian society in need of education. By setting aside a portion of its income, Ruangguru is taking actions to empower people who are marginalized, one lesson at a time.

Now that’s, revolutionary.

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