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The Tale of Expectation Management: 3 Tips from a Design Studio CEO

Guest Post from our Parent Company 1.618 CEO Muhammad Rahim

If you are starting out agency side or freelancing you will always deal with this challenge with customers and clients. Muhammad took some time to tell us how he help clients gets the absolute best product and service they want and expect.

Step 1. Stop talking and listen to the client. He may be shooting off all his plans and game changing ideas to you, but you are responsible for asking the questions to find out the problem he needs to solve.

Interview the client and his business. Find out what is the problem.

For example: For an retail company looking to move online. They are not just looking to sell more online. They want to increase exposure and share their “in store experience” globally online.

How can you help them bring the retail “experience” they provide in the brick and mortar to the website?

1. Find out what there value add is.

Are there sales reps so knowledgeable that you only buy what they recommend because they not only educate you on style, but tell you how to dress and what you look good in?

2. What makes them different?

Is this company the best at what they do?

How do they treat there customers?

Ask the client to run you through a day in the store or office. Understand how they think and see the business so you know how to provide the best consultation.

3. Communicate back to the client the feedback you got and whether both parties understand each other expectations.

Read back your notes to the team and client (yes, take notes) Evernote is your best friend.

Managing expectation with your client is critical. Too many agencies and client push dates around due to this and that. Managing projects this way is a huge waste of everybody’s time.

Set deadlines in the beginning and always deliver on them. People always says “under promise and over deliver” I am at odds with this notion.

Just by following you initial deadlines you give the client is usually above and beyond expectations in the agency world.

Muhammad Rahim

If you want to reach out to Muhammad Rahim contact him at[email protected]


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