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This 2015, boost your company’s productivity with the new qiscus chrome app!

Introducting the new qiscus chrome app

To kick start the year 2015, we’ve launched the new qiscus chrome app!
With the new qiscus chrome app, you will be able to supercharge your communications on a whole new level. 

2 reasons why you should use the new qiscus chrome app:

1. It’s blazing fast; even in places with low internet connectivity!

It can get very frustrating when you are unable to access your emails or messages in areas when the internet connectivity drops. 

But the new qiscus chrome app is not only able to connect at low internet connectivity but operate with blazing speeds as well.

This is because we stripped most of the functions from qiscus chrome app leaving the bare necessities like messaging and uploading files/links. This makes the qiscus chrome app blazing fast.

Now, you can hire the best talents wherever they are, whenever you want.

2. Resize it to your favourite size to fit your working environment

** Apologies for the flickering images > The qiscus chrome app is too powerful for the GIF recorder.

It’s so troublesome to toggle between applications or desktop. You’ld have to swipe left, and swipe right.

With the new qiscus chrome app, you can easily resize your qiscus app and place it neatly beside your excel document or photoshop application to easily view and discuss.

* See how convenient it is to continue discussing while writing this blog post.

Get it today at the nearest Chrome Webstore near you!

qiscus Chrome App is available on the stores today. It’s free, it’s fast and it’ll help you get your 2015 on a blazing start!


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