Universal Exchangeable Messaging, A Highway to Abundant Revenue

Since ways of communicating are evolving into mediums never imagined before, the world is beginning to change. One of the breakthroughs is conversational commerce where a message can then become a medium of exchange and be engaged in trade as well as money.

In discussing the issue above, we need to consider whether to building house messaging or not. Whether to build your own messaging system by utilizing existing resources, or by purchasing messaging services from third parties, perhaps even by trying to integrate some messaging applications that are commonly used such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Whatsapp.

It can feel more comfortable to build your own messaging service, thus having greater control, but that option will take a lot of time and resources, especially if you need to build a messaging service with many features in it.

But the most important concept we want to explore is how has messaging has evolved so far that it is becoming the new “money”.

Magic of conversational commerce: turn a message into money

How does conversational commerce convert a message into money? Back in 2016 when Uber-Messenger integrates with Facebook Messenger which currently has 1.2 billion users. Uber is a ride-sharing company,  the integration with Facebook Messenger will certainly increase the number of orders as ordering becomes as easy as sending a message through Facebook Messenger. If each message will produce an order, then we can conclude more messages = more orders = more money. So the message becomes equivalent to money because its function as a medium for transactions.

In the case above, Facebook Messenger is used as a message converter while controlling the number of incoming messages that will directly affect the revenue. It is normal business practice for Facebook that when the volume of messages starts to increase Facebook Messenger starts to restrict the reach and suggest a business page as an alternative to gain additional costs from advertisers as shown in the graphic below.

October 2013-February 2014, Facebook restricts organic reach to about 6% (Convince & Convert)

The future of exchangeable messaging: be universal to maximize a result

You can see from the above table, how message exchanges can affect the increase in business revenue. In the future messaging will be integrated into the method of conversational commerce. How successful this is for your business may depend on which messaging applications will integrate well with your business. However, as with any such trend,  it is necessary for you to consider new, more advanced technologies as they are developed in the arena of the exchange of messages, such as; Universally Exchangeable Messaging.

Basically, the concept is the same as Facebook Messaging, but there are differences in which the Universally Exchangeable Messaging breaks through boundaries and restrictions that exist on any one particular platform. So it’s possible to hold an exchange of messages with any media which certainly further expand your business services. Universally Exchangeable Messaging means essentially the free exchange of messages across all environments. Remember,  more messages circulating = more revenue.

Messaging is becoming part of the global economy today

The messaging appeal is a major point of communication and commerce, in fact, Facebook makes a lot of money from it because they are selling users’ attention to advertisers. Google operates similarly, these two companies reportedly grew 90% in advertising during 2016, as reported by Fortune.

Rather than relying on existing messaging apps, why not develop your own? Universal makes it possible to exchange messages from multiple platforms and of course, it is secure because it is running only on your system and is not dependant on other messaging apps.

We are now ready to help you expand your business using this new concept called Universal Exchangeable Messaging. Ready to help you maximize your potential revenue and minimize any concern you may have on its security. So are you ready to mine this fantastic new opportunity?


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