From Wannabe to CEO: What Drives a Founder #2

Running a startup seems to have become a trend – the “in” thing – right now.  With the explosion of game-changing ideas and the hype surrounding simple ideas and how they can literally change the way we live, no doubt we are seeing an increasing number of initiatives aimed at moulding more entrepreneurs.

Even governments are now turning their attention to startups with the intent of learning and exploring collaborations to better the lives of citizens with the unique ideas and energies that startups bring.

Delta Purna Widyangga

Behind all these hypes are people who have the guts to sacrifice what they have and enter the world of discomfort just to make what used to be a noble idea become a life-changing reality. One such person is Delta Purna Widyangga-once an introverted consultant in one of the biggest IT consultancy firm in the world who is now back in Indonesia to lead Qiscus, his own startup. We interviewed him to uncover some surprising facts about a founder’s journey.

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“Whatever happens, there is always good in it. We just need to look at it from different angles or even change our lenses altogether,” affirmed Delta. Delta and team pushed on but while doing so they saw a bigger opportunity.

While selling its enterprise messaging app, they saw a high demand for white-labeled chats and embeddable chats in Indonesia where chatting has become second nature to the people. Businesses are racing to build in in-app chats in their own platforms to better engage their customer base. But building this on their own would take too much time and effort which in turn, would slow them down.

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This is precisely why their early clients engaged Qiscus’ services. “Bridestory and Halodoc engaged us to build a chat feature into their apps. They were responsible for making us see a blue ocean in Indonesia (and Southeast Asia)”.

So, Delta and team repackaged Qiscus’ messaging application into a Chat Software Development Kit (SDK) and from then on, the team continued to pursue their passion in making a difference to people’s lives.

“What inspires me is to see our technology transforming people’s lives. Our chat SDK has given Indonesians, even those in rural areas, opportunities to access quality services such as healthcare and education, right from their mobile devices. As an Indonesian myself, this is priceless.”

The More You Give, The More You Get

The drive to create an impact in people’s lives have fueled Delta and his fellow co-founders to continue growing Qiscus during the past five years. As Qiscus helps more businesses connect with customers and users, this drive and passion continue to grow.

But that’s not enough. Delta wants more people to be able to create changes through technology. He wants people to be empowered with technical knowledge and start being inventors and creators.

Thus, ever since Qiscus entered Indonesia in 2014, the founding team started to organise free knowledge-sharing sessions –what they call “TechTalk” today. To date, Qiscus has organised over 100 TechTalks in three different cities and is still expanding this initiative.

“In Qiscus, we push ourselves to dabble with new technologies, coding languages and other technological developments. We believe in empowering others with that knowledge,  too. This is our philosophy –the more you give, the more you get. So the more knowledge you share, the more you yourself will learn.”

Then They Asked, “What Drives A Founder?”

Delta simply answered with a smile, “The drive to make a positive change in people’s lives.”


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