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What happens when a VC uses collaborative messaging for themselves?

It’s a bit of a chicken and egg cycle but wherever there is a healthy number of VCs, there is an equally healthy number of start-ups in the same vicinity as well.

There’s no doubt, VCs play a very important role in shaping the business and entrepreneurship environment. In fact, without a strong network of VCs or investors’ presence, it is quite questionable as to whether an entrepreneurship environment in the country will be able to thrive.

The Hidden Role
Besides actively investing and mentoring, VCs & investors play a crucial role in being an influencing node. The unique set-up about being a VC is that you will have a healthy number of companies coming to you. Almost like having a networking event at your office every day.

This allows a VC to not only invest or advice but also link different companies and people together.

Limited time & resources
The problem then becomes a matter of time management. As a VC, how do you balance between keeping a healthy relationship between your current portfolio of companies and at the same time keeping track of new, innovative companies.

Though you may not be investing in them, but keeping in touch with those companies would allow you to potential help your current portfolio of companies as well when the synergistic opportunities arise.

Be a partner, not a boss.

Most VCs are happy to use emails as their primary form of communication. A quick search on the web would reveal the many ways for a start-up to update their investor on their company’s status and progress. Here’s a template that’s really easy to use.


What if a company treats their investor like a partner instead? Instead of reporting to VCs like a boss, the communication channel is always open and at any point in time, the company is able to update, ask for advice as well as ping for new ideas to brainstorm.

Trouble is, you can do that with email but you’ll be swamped with a lot of emails to keep track of.

Use collaborative messaging
qiscus to be able to collaborate anyone, regardless of whether it is your own team, external vendor or the group of advisors and investors.

qiscus works just like whatsapp (using emails instead of phone numbers to identify users) except that it’s messaging on steroids.

The above shows our qiscus investor room. Unlike a conventional messaging system, qiscus allows you to have separate topics in an otherwise linear messaging system.   This allows you to keep track of more items in a structured manner like emails whilst retaining the conducive and fast-paced environment that messaging provides.

At the same time, unlike Slack or Hipchat, you can use different rooms to communicate with different teams without having to switch accounts. Also, if you are a premium user, you’ll be able to call or video conference with your team easily. 

Limitless possibilities
Besides using qiscus for updates, if you happen to incubate several companies, putting them in the same qiscus room or group allows a quick and easy way to increase collaboration and ideas generation. 

Now, the idea of physical proximity is a bygone notion and being able to be in multiple rooms or groups is almost like being everywhere at the same time.

So what happens when VCs starts to use collaborative messaging?
Expect to see the entire business eco-system to grow rapidly with more collaboration, teamwork and rapid ideas generation!

cus is messaging for work. Tired of using whatsapp to manage work communication? Overloaded group chats? To much pinging? we can help.

Supercharged your teams communication by giving qiscus a try.  



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