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What’s the difference?

I have been asked many times.

Many are curious on what’s the difference between qiscus and whatsapp, wechat, twitter, facebook, forums, emails, product management software and a whole list of never-ending applications that seem to be doing the same thing.

This is great and I had fun sharing the answers. But I guess the time has come for the answers to be released out into the open.

But first, the difference between discussion and communication

To answer that we need to understand the difference between communications and discussion. 

Communication (from Latin “communis”, meaning to share) is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior. [source:Wikipedia]

Discussion is an act or instance of discussion; consideration and examination by argument, comment, etc, especially to explore solutions. []
In short, the fundamental difference between communication and discussion is that the former is simply a transfer of information while the latter is the exploration of solutions to a problem. 
This means that in a discussion, there is value to be derived out of it.
Parts of a discussion
As discussion is part of communications, we can essentially break down a discussion into two parts:
  1. Value added point
  2. Conversation fillers
A value-added point is point that allows someone to act on the point and create value out of it.
For example:
“We can create a multi-platform construction for a water filtration system” could be a value-added point.
It may be an idea, or a constructive criticism or an alternative solution to the problem posed. 
Whereas, conversation fillers are simply points that do not contribute in anyway part of the discussion but are necessary for the discussion to flow.
For example:
“That’s a good point!” is a filler. 
It is a filler because there is no value that can be created out of that point. However, like mentioned before, it is necessary to keep a discussion flowing and lively.
Now, the difference between qiscus and other communication tools
There are two main differences when it comes to why you would need qiscus for your discussion.

1. Your discussion is ongoing, dynamic and lively.
qiscus is built on a free-form design philosophy. This means that we do not molly coddle our users. How qiscus works is that we create tools for you to facilitate your discussion without any restrictions. 
For example, you can like a point more than once. Or you can delete any point that you find unnecessary. Or you can input your point as under a different alias or name. Or you can create as many tabs necessary to branch out your discussions.
We believe in giving you the tools and space to express yourselves. And we believe that you will use the tools responsible. Afterall, qiscus was built for smart people.

2. You act on your discussions.
Everyone can give their two cents on how the world should spin. But not everyone will act on the ideas that they’ve discussed.
qiscus is designed to assist people in acting on the great points that they’ve discussed on. In order to act on the points discussed you would need to review the discussion that have been made.
In order to maintain clarity of thoughts and reduce distraction, qiscus eliminates conversation fillers that adds no value to the discussion by smart natural language processing algorithm.
Also, as a discussion extends itself over days, months and years, there are points that gets lost or swamped out. However these points could be useful or may add to the robustness of solution that are being discussed. qiscus is designed to extract out summaries of all the discussions over time and present to the user in a easy to absorb format.
We believe that qiscus would be able to assist you in creating great solutions to any problem by allowing you to retain and collate information in the clearest way possible with as little distraction as humanely possible.
This is the next evolution in human communications
Current communication systems only facilitate communication.
We envision qiscus to be the evolutinary communication tool for the next generation of mankind. 
We envision a purposeful, driven community of men creating powerful, innovative and creative solutions for the world around them.
In the cusp of these group of mankind, sits qiscus, quietly facilitating powerful discussions.
To the future and beyond!

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