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What’s the future of instant messaging?

A new perspective?

I think we should look beyond complex tools to add on to instant messaging to achieve a fundamental perspective of the future of messaging.

In fact, there is something about messaging that’s fundamentally broken but it can be fixed by rethinking what it means to message.

A message is a very quick way of sending information across. It requires very little formality and it is always present in the now. 

This simple characteristic is very important to shaping the future of instant messaging.

The main argument against messaging

What is lacking in most instant messaging is the ability to give structure and organization to your conversation. And that is why it has never been able to gain proper traction for work unlike emails.

Think about this for a second. One of the most irritating thing about messaging is you have to be there at every single second. Because if you’re not, the gist of that conversation at that point in time would be lost. 

Yes, you could have a search functionality to retrieve back the information but no, you can never get back the conversation again. 

But what if there is a way for you to have organization in your messaging. What if there’s a way to breakdown the entire message into neat compartments  and thereby allowing you diversions across different topics? And what if, in every topics, it pulls out your links and files easily so you can keep track of everything better and faster?

Let’s take it further by rethinking communications

Not only that, there’s also a way to structure your communications around the things you’re working on and not the people you’re working with. You see, many a times, you’re working on many different things but with the same group of people.

And because you structure communication around the things and group them neatly in a virtual environment called rooms, each time you need to retrieve information with regards to the thing you’re dealing with, you just need to return to the respective rooms. 

The best thing is, people can move in and out of the rooms but the latency of that knowledge preserved. This means that in time, the idea of what was initially started upon can be retained thereby giving you the ability to be in many places, working on many things at any single moment in time.

How do we put it all together?

So we’ve identified the characteristic of messaging. Then we give it structure and organization. Also, we rethink what it means to communicate with others in terms of what we want to do.

Keep the interface as recognizable as a messaging interface like whatsapp so that it makes easier for people to adopt the product BUT make it usable across multiple platforms and devices so that it allows them to communicate from anywhere.

Voila, the future of messaging.

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