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Whatsapp got acquired by an insane amount! Wait, is it still safe to use whatsapp for work?

Facebook acquires Whatsapp for 19 billion

This morning, it’s all great news for everyone of us in the messaging industry. Why because, our fellow competitor, Whatsapp is worth more than the following companies who have products that are tangible and profitable:

Activison-Blizzard – $13.9B
Alcoa – $12.2B
American Airlines – $12.3B
Akamai – $10.9B
AmerisourceBergen – $15.9
Blackstone Group – $17.8B
Campbell Soup – $13.6
Chesapeake Energy – $17.2B
Chipotle – $17.1B
Citrix Systems – $10.7B
Coach – $13.5B
Consolidated Edison (ConEd) – $16.2B
Discovery Communicatons – $19.1B
Dr. Pepper Snapple Group – $10.2B
Expedia -$10.2B
The Gap – $19B
Fidelity – $15.8B
Harley-Davidson – $14.1B
Hertz – $11.5B
Icahn Enterprises -$13.1B
The J.M. Smucker Company – $10B
Kohl’s – $11.1B
Kroger – $19.4
Loews – $17B
Macy’s – $19.6B
Marriott International – $15.4B
Mattel – $12B
MGM Resorts – $12.7
Monster Beverage – $12B
Moody’s – $17.08B
News Corp – $10.27B
Nielsen – $17.6B
Nordstrom – $11.4B
Progressive – $14.3B
Ralph Lauren – $14.2B
Red Hat – $11.1B
Royal Caribbean Cruises – $11.4B
Ryanair – $15.5B
Sherwin-Williams – $19.4B
Southwest Airlines – $14.7B
Starwood Hotels & Resorts – $14.9B
Symantec – $14.4B
TD Ameritrade – $18.4B
The Carlyle Group – $11.1B
Tiffany & Co. – $11.4B
Tyson Foods – $13.1B
Under Armour – $11.4B
Whole Foods Market – $19.3B
Workday – $17B
Xerox – $13.2B
source: All the Major Companies Worth Less Than WhatsApp

Tongue-in-cheek: So that makes us quite valuable too right…

Is it still safe for us to use Whatsapp for work?

Given Facebook notoriety with user data and privacy, I’m concerned with how they are going to use the data from Whatsapp.


Like many others, I’m definitely just speculating on why Facebook would pay such a high price for Whatsapp and how would they possibly recoup or gain more out of this investment.

Some opinions flying around

A comment in the flurry of articles struck me:

I thought of all companies, Facebook would now understand the true ‘value’ of a company that generates very little profit. But once all these are bundled together and the information they contain sold to the US government (behind closed doors of course) the real price will be paid.

Here’s another:

Monetization through ads is undermining the power of tapping into the omnipresent medium of communication, and they know it. ( … If I were to take a guess, they are targeting more peer-to-peer marketplace functionality enabled via SMS. Think what mobile phones did to bridge the void of a banking system in rural parts of India.

To be fair here’s a valid argument too:

Really amazing outcome for WhatsApp.. You have to wonder how they came up with that valuation. Sounds like some back of napkin stuff, which should leave the Facebook shareholders a little upset.. Other than network effect I really don’t see what system of value WhatsApp has created that isn’t easily copied and disrupted overnight. Is this Facebook’s response to Google merging Hangouts with SMS on android?

It’s a great piece of news nonetheless

Regardless, it’s a great piece of news for everyone of us in this specific niche industry. We’re quite curious to know how it would work out for Facebook in the end.


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