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Why didn’t I think of that?

At the end of any discussion, have you ever asked yourself

“Oh man, why didn’t I think of that?”

“Maybe he meant that. I should have said___ instead.”

And then you let out a big sigh.

Don’t worry. It is how your brain actually works. Check out this 5-min video and you’ll understand better:

Basically during discussions, you have little time to really think – More often than not, your brain’s fast-thinking system (ie system one in the video) will be the one contributing to the discussion.

You have to think and interpret things fast, and make quick decisions on what to say or do. What more with distractions like the nice coffee in front of you, the clothes your colleagues are wearing or even the temperature of the room; All these factors inevitably affect how well you think and contribute to the discussion.

This may explain why you have after-thoughts. After a discussion, your brain’s system 2 will have time to reflect on things and eventually generate better ideas/decisions than those made by your brain’s system one.

Having said that, do you really think all those people who are brilliant during discussions are really smart and highly intelligent people?


I personally doubt so.

They are able to think so quick and make valuable contributions to the discussions because of two important factors:

1) They have a really clear overview or overall picture of the whole main topic of discussion.

2) They are able to track every discussion points and piece them together neatly.

In their mind, the whole complex discussion may be highly organized.


These are two important things which many of the brilliant minds have. And of course, our bosses have too… Well, maybe not all of them. ;p


In anyways…

How can we help every single one of us have this brilliant ability to organize the key discussion points instantly?

How can we empower people to make relevant contributions and really enrich discussions?

We believe this is the key to great discussions. And great discussions is the key to achieving great success.

If you have any ideas, we’ll be more than happy to have ‘qiscussions’ with you.


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